Challenges in DNA Profiling

Challenges in DNA Profiling

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Introduction to Challenges in DNA Profiling  

Rapid advancements in forensic DNA technology has resulted in its increasing use to resolve crime cases, particularly in the detection of low-level DNA traces. This has been made possible by the increasing sensitivity of STR typing kits. Low-template DNA analysis requires careful consideration of the derived stochastic variations that lead to heterozygote imbalance, allele drop-out and increased detection of background contamination. The relevance of the evidence and the probative value of the DNA profile are important issues in the evaluation of forensic evidence.

Let's look at the questions and their answer. 

Ques 1. In SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, the role of SDS is to

a) Bind proteins

b) Denature proteins

c) Identify proteins

d) Isolate proteins

Answer-b) Denature proteins

Ques 2. The DNA Profiling was invented in

a) 1955                                                      

b) 1965                                                      

c) 1975

d) 1985                                                  

Answer- d) 1985 

Ques 3. Fluorescent labelling of nucleic acids is usually carried out by-

a) Reduction reactions

b) Oxidation reactions

c) Enzymatic reactions

d) Duff reactions

Answer- c) Enzymatic reactions

Ques 4. The NCBI Gen Bank use which of the following Information retrieval tool?

a) Text search                                                 

b) Seqln

c) Entrez

d) STAG                                                       

Answer- d) STAG 

Ques 5. Which of the following factor(s) affect the process of DNA extraction?

a) Time, Cost and Toxicity of the chemicals employed

b) Time, Toxicity of the chemicals employed

c) Time and  Cost of the process 

d) None of the Above                                                     

Answer- a) Time, Cost and Toxicity of the chemicals employed

Ques 6. DNA extraction from charred samples is challenging due to -

a) Inhibitor derived from the Maillard reaction                                                      

b) Production of various substances

c) Interaction between protein and carbohydrates                                                        

d) Enzymatic inhibitors

Answer- a) Inhibitor derived from the Maillard reaction

Ques 7. Which of the following is a thermo-stable DNA polymerase?

a) Taq polymerase 

b) Vent polymerase

c) Pfu polymerase

d) All of these

Answer- d) All of these

Ques 8. A challenge of DNA extraction from blood is

a) Variability in Sample Size                                                      

b) Variability in Sample Volume

c) Variability in DNA quantity                                                        

d) None of the above

Answer- d) None of the above

Ques 9. Which of the following is excellent for preserving tissue structures, but can introduce all sorts of DNA damage?

a) Formalin 


c) Both a and b                                                        

d) Neither a nor b

Answer- a) Formalin 

Ques 10. DNA staining is done by

a) Crystal violet

b) Giemsa staining 

c) Methylene blue

d) Feulgen staining

Answer- d) Feulgen staining

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