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By Taniya Jaiswal 8th June, 2024

Medicolegal Significance of Injurie...

Medicolegal Significance of Injuries Quiz Crafted By-Taniya JaiswalTeam MemberSherlock Institute of ...

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By Manish Sharma 25th May, 2024

Stature Estimation in Human

Stature Estimation in Human Quiz Crafted By-Manish SharmaScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of For...

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By Mohit Butta 11th May, 2024

Microscopy in Evidence Examination

Microscopy in Evidence Examination Quiz Crafted By-Mohit ButtaScientific OfficerSherlock Institute o...

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By Vanshika 27th April, 2024

Challenges in DNA Profiling

Challenges in DNA Profiling Quiz Crafted By-VanshikaScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of Forensic...

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By Vibhuti Gupta 13th April, 2024

Forensic Biometric Analysis

Forensic Biometric Analysis Quiz Crafted By-Vibhuti GuptaScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of For...

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By Ayush Goyal 23rd March, 2024

Scientific Examination of Paper

Scientific Examination of Paper Quiz Crafted By-Ayush GoyalTeam MemberSherlock Institute of Forensic...

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By Akhil B. Parippall... 9th March, 2024

Computer Crime

Computer Crime Quiz Crafted By-Akhil B. ParippallilScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of Forensic ...

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By Aastha Verma 24th February, 2024

Stains Analysis in Forensics

Stains Analysis in Forensics Quiz Crafted By-Aastha VermaScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of For...

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By Mani Jain 10th February, 2024

Ink Analysis

Ink Analysis Quiz Crafted By-Mani JainScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of Forensic Science India...

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By Mrinmoy Mukherjee 27th January, 2024

Criminal Investigation of Unnatural...

Criminal Investigation of Unnatural Death Quiz Crafted By-Mrinmoy MukherjeeScientific OfficerSherloc...

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By Manthan Patel 13th January, 2024

Social Media Forensic

Social Media Forensic Quiz Crafted By-Manthan PatelTeam MemberSherlock Institute of Forensic Science...

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By Saumya Solanki 23rd December, 2023

Behavioral Science in Forensics

Behavioral Science in Forensics Quiz Crafted By-Saumya SolankiScientific OfficerSherlock Institute o...

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