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By Swetang Patel 18th March, 2023

Correctional Administration

Correctional Administration Quiz Crafted by – Swetang PatelTeam MemberSherlock Institute of F...

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By Silki Setia 25th February, 2023

Forensic Biology and Serology

Forensic Biology and Serology Quiz Crafted by – Silki SetiaTeam MemberSherlock Institute of F...

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By Shruti Nair 11th February, 2023

Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System Quiz Crafted by – Shruti NairTeam MemberSherlock Institute of Forensi...

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By Sanjita Panigrahi 21st January, 2023

Identification of Bloodstains

Identification of Bloodstains Quiz Crafted by – Sanjita PanigrahiTeam MemberSherlock Institut...

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By Ritoza Das 7th January, 2023

Forensic Evidence Examination

Forensic Evidence Examination Quiz Crafted by – Ritoza Das Team MemberSherlock Institute...

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By Fulmita Deb 24th December, 2022

Forensic Entomology

Forensic Entomology Forensic Odontology Quiz Crafted by – Fulmita DebTeam MemberSherlock Inst...

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By Prerna Patel 10th December, 2022

Forensic Odontology

Forensic Odontology Quiz Crafted by –Prerna PatelTeam MemberSherlock Institute of Forensic Science...

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By Pratima Kumari 26th November, 2022

Forensic Criminology and Victimolog...

Forensic Criminology and Victimology Quiz Crafted by –Pratima KumariTeam MemberSherlock Institute ...

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By Dr. Pooja Chakrabo... 19th November, 2022

Medical Jurisprudence

Medical Jurisprudence Quiz Crafted by –Dr. Pooja ChakrabortyTeam MemberSherlock Institute of Foren...

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By Taniya Jaiswal 22nd October, 2022

Biological Evidence in Forensic Sci...

Biological Evidence in Forensic Science Quiz Crafted by –Taniya JaiswalTeam MemberSherlock Institu...

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By Manish Sharma 13th October, 2022

Forensic Drug Analysis

Forensic Drug Analysis Quiz Crafted by –Manish SharmaGraphic DesignerSherlock Institute of Forensi...

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By Mohit Butta 1st October, 2022

Psychology in Forensics

Psychology in Forensics Quiz Crafted by –Mohit ButtaScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of Forens...

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