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Patients' Rights & Responsibilities and Safety

International Medical Research and Scientific Center

International Medical Research and Scientific Center has put emphasis on the need to address the patients' rights and responsibilities for care. The patients have the right to get treatment for the illness irrespective of their status, gender, age, sexual orientation, caste and other features that define them. They have the right to maintain dignity and confidentiality to receive care without any form of stigma and discrimination. They have the right to privacy during the treatment and examination and to protect themselves from abuse and neglect. Patients need to be informed on various fronts throughout the illness with its course. Therefore, on the day of 9th December, celebrated as World Patients'  Safety Day, IMRSC invited you to join the seminar on Patients' Rights and Responsibilities and Safety. 


December, 2022 Online Zoom


Elderly Victims of Cybercrime

Awareness Programme

The elderly group of people become a vulnerable group to many diseases and other physical and psychological issues. They also become prone to abuse and neglect from their own children and family members. Their social outings and associations gradually minimize and they themselves withdraw from the outer world and confine within the four walls of the house, to avoid accidents and insecurity. Yet, criminals do not hesitate to target them even inside the house. A lone elderly man or woman are often killed and robbed in defenceless conditions mostly by insiders may be servant's or caretakers and must not ignore their own kith and kin They become the hidden victims because no one shows interest in giving them justice. The trauma and pain are non-existent in such circumstances because the victim no longer exists but what if the elderly is very much alive and is the victim of another form of crime is Cyber Crime? The interface between the rapid rise of technology based crime and the withering age of the elderly who remains ignorant remote, and rigid to learn new things vulnerability gets heightened As a result they are easy targets for criminals who with their talks allure them in their nets and dupe them in bank frauds, money transaction and property loss Such victims are in numbers everywhere who suffer silently because they have no security cover Their ignorance and loneliness make them helpless to suffer silently. 


December, 2022