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13th IASR International Conference on Forensic Science

International Association of Scientists and Researchers

Forensic science is a critical component of the criminal equity framework. It is a field that uses the principles of physical, chemical and natural sciences to evolve its different domains to respond to questions of lawful interest. The International Association of Scientists and Researchers (IASR), alongside the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS), is gratified to introduce the IASR International eConference 2022 on Forensic Science. This eConference 2022 will give the best chance to meet elite specialists in the space of Forensic Science, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Physics, Document Examination, Finger Prints identification technologies, cutting edge innovations in Forensic Science and so on. The eConference will incorporate Keynote sessions, Oral Presentations, Poster presentations and Workshops. The eConference will make stages for specialists, researchers, academicians, clinicians and experts across the globe to introduce their most recent researches, new advancements and improve their insight through collaboration and exchange of thoughts worldwide.


August, 2022 Online Platform


14th IASR International Conference on Forensic Science

International Association of Scientists and Researchers

The examination, explanation, and judgment of events of legal significance, such as the identity, origin, and life history of individuals, materials, substances, and artefacts, forms the gist of forensics. Scientific approaches are utilized to define, deduce, and recreate events from fragmented physical evidence and other relevant information. Forensic science is a vital tool for solving challenging and seemingly intractable crimes. It assists investigators at every stage of the inquiry. The Forum's mission is to bring together experts from different domains of forensic science to share and discuss the latest developments and their ideas during the four-day International eConference. The participants representing diverse Forensic Science institutions/organizations will present Papers and ePoster and get acknowledged, and there will be invited keynote talks by the Speakers and various workshops. We invite learners from all around the globe to take advantage of this opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of forensic science. We will do our best to make this intellectual feast a learning experience for everyone. We anticipate your active participation to make this project a success.


August, 2023 Online Platform


15th IASR International Conference on Forensic Science

International Association of Scientists and Researchers

Forensic Science is a fundamental part of disclosing the secrets in unlawful activities. It utilises logical standards and principles for the collection, examination, and analysis of physical evidence. The International Association of Scientists and Researchers (IASR) associated with the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS) invites devoted Forensic Learners and Enthusiastic Professionals to become a part of the IASR International eConference on Forensic Science. The eConference 2024 will gather outstanding speakers and scientists from the world to discuss their perspectives and exploration in various Forensic Science Domains. It will lay an incredible opportunity to coordinate with the academia and experts in Forensic Domains. The eConference will be comprised of sessions by national and international experts along with elite Paper and ePoster presentations, international workshops within forensic science, and its novel research. Participants are cordially invited for sharing their insightful knowledge and research in the space of forensic science.


August, 2024 Online Platform


16th IASR International Conference on Forensic Science

International Association of Scientists and Resarchers

The application of scientific knowledge in investigating crimes, assisting investigators, and providing justice is referred to as forensic science. The most recent developments and innovations in the forensic industry have allowed it to evolve into a more advanced science that covers a variety of disciplines and employs a more significant number of forensic experts who specialise in anything from DNA and botany to dentistry and tool marks. The four-day International eConference 2025 will provide an opportunity for forensic scientists from around the world to share their knowledge and information. Speakers will address a wide range of subjects, from crime scene investigation to digital forensics, encompassing all aspects of forensic science. It will provide attendees from all around the world with the opportunity to attend keynote lectures, Paper presentations, ePoster presentations, and Workshops, all of which will allow professionals to combine academic knowledge with real-world circumstances. Learners will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and share their research and thoughts in education.


August, 2025 Online Platform