Correctional Administration

Correctional Administration

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Introduction to Correctional Administration

It is that branch of the administration of Criminal Justice. The system is charged with the responsibility for the custody, supervision, and rehabilitation of the convicted offender. Corrections is one of the imperatives, nay, pillars of criminal justice administration. It is tasked to safe keep and to rehabilitate those convicted by the courts. It is in corrections where the better part, which is the greater duration, of a sentenced person as he spends the judicially prescribed penalty

Let's look at the questions and their answer. 

Ques 1. Earlier prison were considered as 

a) House of Prisoners

b) House of Captives

c) House of Criminals

d) House of Punishment

Answer- b) House of Captives

Ques 2. When Prison Act came into existence in India

a) 1894                                                      

b) 1984

c)  1888                                                       

d) 1848

Answer- a) 1894 

Ques 3. “All India Jail Manual Committee” was appointed in 

a)  1948                                                     

b) 1950

c)  1957                                                       

d) 1956

Answer- c) 1957 

Ques 4.  A person in Prison is entitled to all human rights

a) with extra punishment                                                       

b) within the limitation of imprisonment

c) with court order                                                      

d) within law permissions

Answer- b) within the limitation of imprisonment

Ques 5. ________ is to empower and enable reintegration into society after release from prison.

a) To punish an offender                                                   

b) Reducing Punishment

c)  Awarding hard punishment                                                

d) To rehabilitate an offender

Answer- d) To rehabilitate an offender

Ques 6. Criminal rehabilitation is essentially the process of 

a) helping inmates to grow and change themselves                                                      

b) helping them to change way of commiting crime

c)  change inmate’s criminal history                                                     

d) None

Answer- a) helping inmates to grow and change themselves 

Ques 7. Factors accountable for committed crimes are

a) Mental illness or bad parenting                                                     

b) Lack of proper education or poverty

c) Alcohol and drugs                                                        

d) All of above

Answer- d) All of above

Ques 8. _______ was passed by the Indian Parliament for juvenile justice and protection.

a) Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act of 2000                                                      

b) Juvenile justice Act 1990

c)  Child Care Act 1980                                                       

d) Juvenile justice (Care and Protection) Act of 2008

Answer- a) Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act of 2000  

Ques 9. ______ means the commission of crime by habitual offenders

a) Vandalism                                                      

b) Recidivism

c)  Communism                                                       

d) Terrorism

Answer-b) Recidivism

Ques 10. According to _______ , punishment is based on the proposition, “not to avenge crime but to prevent it”.

a) Reformative theory                                                      

b) Retributive theory

c) Preventive theory                                                        

d) Deterrent theory

Answer-c) Preventive theory

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