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Firearms and Ammunition Analysis

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Introduction to Firearms and Ammunition Analysis

A ballistics expert understands the different marks that firearms leave on bullets when they are fired, including the marks of the rifling on a barrel and other striations on the projectile. They may also perform modeling of the scene to identify where a firearm or explosive was used and perform chemical analysis to identify the weapon that was used. Ballistics experts frequently display graphics, video, or other explanations of the results of their analysis in court. Forensic ballistics experts typically work in crime labs for local governments, state governments, or the federal government, including such organizations as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Other experts offer private consulting services.

Let's look at the questions and their answer. 

Ques 1. Which could be the origin of word pistol?

a) Priming charge of cannon handgun

b) Saddle pommel of cannon handgun

c) Touch hole of cannon handgun

d) Lighted Match

Answer-b) Saddle pommel of cannon handgun

Explanation: In the 14th century, people usually carry handguns of a pommel of a saddle of the horse sitting. Moreover, the pommel is being called to be ‘pistallo’.

Ques 2. In matchlock firearms, ammunition get its ignition flare from the use of

a) Mechanical hitting                                                  

b) A flammable chemical

c) Slow-burning piece of cord                                                     

d) Touch hole with self-ignitable priming charge

Answer- c) Slow-burning piece of cord

Ques 3. Assertion (A): True Automatic handguns are easy to operate

Reason (R): On pressing the trigger, it fires, extracts empty cartilage, load new cartilage, and fire again if the trigger keeps pressed.

a) Both (A) and (R) are correct                                                      

b) (A) is correct, but (R) is incorrect

c) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect                                                        

d) (A) is incorrect, but (R) is correct

Answer- d) (A) is incorrect, but (R) is correct

Explanation: True automatic handguns aren’t easy to operate because for handguns, it is very hard to control the weapon if it fires continuously. And with each firing—due to recoil—the firearm moves upward and with continuously firing, its nose moves more upward which is nearly impossible to control.

Ques 4. The first Colt revolver has which mode of operation?

a) Single Action                                                      

b) Double Action

c) Semi- Revolving cylinder with a mechanized hammer.                                                        

d) Physically rotates the cylinder to align it to barrel followed by a click - clack sound.

Answer-a) Single Action

Ques 5. Which is known to be the earliest priming compound?

a) Black powder                                                      

b) Mercury Fulminate

c) Sulfate based chemical                                                        

d) Lead Styphnate

Answer-b) Mercury Fulminate

Ques 6. In a primer mixture, which of the following is used as initiator explosion material?

a) Lead Styphnate                                                      

b) Barium Nitrate

c) Antimony sulfide                                                        

d) Zinc oxide

Answer-a) Lead Styphnate

Ques 7. The most commonly used material for making unjacketed bullets is:

a) Antimony                                                   

b) Lead

c) Tin                                                        

d) Casting Iron

Answer-b) Lead

Ques 8. A 12-bore shotgun has a barrel diameter of 0.729”, how many lead balls, does it have?

a) 12                                                      

b) 24

c) LG 6                                                        

d) Bore doesn’t indicate the number of lead balls.

Answer-a) 12

Explanation: 12 bore means 12 round lead balls whose weight equal to 1 lb.

Ques 9. Assertion (A): The bore size of a shotgun is different from the bore size of rifled weapons.

 Reason (R): The bore size of a rifled firearm is the diameter of lands while in shotguns, it is the barrel diameter.

a) Both (A) and (R) are correct                                                      

b) (A) is correct, but (R) is incorrect

c) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect                                                        

d) (A) is incorrect, but (R) is correct

Answer- a) Both (A) and (R) are correct

Ques 10. Who develops the formula for calculating the rifling twist rate?

a) Rosalind Franklin                                                      

b) Hans Bethe

c) George Greenhill                                                        

d) Jack Kilby

Answer-c) George Greenhill

Explanation: George Greenhill was a mathematician at Emmanuel College of England who develops the formula for the calculation of rifling twisting.

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