Forensic Entomology

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Introduction to Forensic Entomology

Forensic entomology is the study of the application of insects and other arthropods in a criminal investigation. Insects or arthropods are found in a decomposing vertebrate corpse or carrion. These insect colonizers can be used to estimate the time of death i.e., the time interval between death and corpse discovery, also called postmortem index (PMI), movement of the corpse, manner, and cause of death, and association of suspects at the death scene.


Let's look at the questions and their answer. 


Ques 1. Forensic entomology can tell us about which of the following

a) post mortem interval (PMImin)

b) victim was poisoned/drugged

c) movement of the body after death

d) all of these  

Answer – d) all of these  

Ques 2. The oldest known case of forensic entomology was published by 

a) Francesco Redi

b) Song Ci

c) Hermann Reinhard

d) Jean Pierre Megnin

Answer –a) Francesco Redi

Ques 3. A corpse was found to contain eggs and first stage maggots of the blow fly. How much time is estimated since death?

a) 12h

b) 8h

c) 6h

d) 24h

Answer – d) 24h

Ques 4. The type of insects used in forensic analysis is

a) Oligophagous

b) Necrophagous

c) Endophagous

d) All of these

Answer – b) Necrophagous

Ques 5. The oldest known handbook of entomology was published in 1247 by

a) Sung Tzu

b) Francesco Redi

c) Louis Pasteur

d) Song Ci

Answer – a) Sung Tzu

Ques 6. Infrequently encountered species in crime scenes are all except

a)  Drosophila

b)  Muscina

c)  Ophyra Stomoxys calcitrans

d) Calliphoridae

Answer – a) Drosophila

Ques 7. The only genotyping application for forensic entomology is

a) Species determination

b) Disease control

c) Sequencing

d) All of these

Answer – a) Species determination

Ques 8. DNA application(s) for forensic entomology is/are

a) Detecting and using genotyping variation

b) Population genetics

c) Species determination

d) All of these

Answer – d) All of these

Ques 9.  Insect gut content is genotyped to

a) Place the suspect in a scene

b) Identify the assailant in a sexual assault case

c) Diagnose geographical variation to infer the post mortem relocation of a corpse

d) All of these

Answer – d) All of these

Ques 10. Common errors in DNA based species identification

a) Pseudogene amplification

b) Uncritical BLAST search

c) Easily queried GenBank or EMBL sequence database

d) All of these

Answer – d) All of these

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