Forensic Photography

Forensic Photography

Forensic Photography Quiz Crafted By –

Vikas Kumar

Scientific Officer,

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India, New Delhi

Introduction to Forensic Photography

Forensic photography includes methods of photographing the scenes of crimes, searches, investigatory experimentation, living persons, corpses, documents, weapons used in crimes, traces of substances, and similar evidence. It makes use of both recording and investigative techniques.

Let's look at the questions and their answers:

Ques 1. Which of the following controls the amount of light that passes through the lens?

a)  Lens

b)  Lens Mount

c)   Mirror

d)  Lens Diaphragm

Answer-d) Lens Diaphragm

Ques 2. The body of the camera which is an enclosure device of light?

a) Flash Button                                                     

b) Light Tight Box

c) Camera Body                                                       

d) Negative

Answer-b) Light Tight Box

Ques 3. What type of camera is recommended in most cases while taking Forensic Photos?

a) 35 mm                                                    

b) Digital

c) Polaroid                                                       

d) Colposcope

Answer-b) Digital

Ques 4. The basic purpose of crime scene photography is

a)To record the entire crime scene.     

b) To support the sketch.

c) To show the benefits of color film.         

d)  Both a and b

Answer- d) Both a and b.

Ques 5. A lens which is partly corrected for chromatic aberration?

a)  Achromatic lens 

b) Astigmatism

c) Anastigmatic lens                                    

d)  Coma

Answer-a) Achromatic lens

Ques 6. A natural light in which objects in open space casts a deep and uniform shadow?

a) Black light                                                      

b) Hazy sunlight

c) Bright light                                                        

d) Dull light

Answer-c) Bright light

Ques 7. The photographic technique where the first picture taken has a specific object on the right and the next picture taken shows the same object on the left is called

a) Triangulation                                                     

b) Cross-projection photography

c) Backing                                                      

d) Overlapping

Answer-d) Overlapping

Ques 8. Refers to the absence of all colors of the spectrum?

a) Black light                                                      

b) Bright light

c) Focal length                                                       

d) Aperture

Answer-a) Black light

Ques 9. When taking photos of a crime scene, the most important thing to consider is that

a) Close ups of injured victims should be taken                                                     

b) The scene should be photographed in an unaltered condition

c) The scene should be photographed in color to add as much detail of the scene as possible                                                       

d) The points of entrance and exit should be photographed

Answer-b) The scene should be photographed in an unaltered condition

Ques 10. Which sequence of f/stops is in correct sequential order?

a) 2, 4, 5, 8                                                     

b) 5.6, 8, 11, 16

c) 1, 1.4, 2, 2.8                                                       

d) 22, 32, 45, 90

Answer-b) 5.6, 8, 11, 16

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