Graphology : INVESTI-GRAPH

Graphology : INVESTI-GRAPH

The National Workshop on Graphology “INVESTI – GRAPH” was conducted on 7th September 2019, at the International Youth Hostel, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi in order to make the masses aware of the implications and utility of the subject. This workshop was organized by the Capability Development Institute in association with Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India, Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab, Bengaluru & International Association of Scientists and Researchers.

The aim of this Graphology workshop was to provide an opportunity to the applicants to be well known about the area of handwriting and personality assessment; furthermore, in this workshop they got a chance to have a hands on experience on Graphology.

Mr. Phaneendar B N (CEO Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab, Bengaluru), Mrs. Nidhi (Gupta Senior Graphologist and Director Likhawat Academy, New Delhi), Mrs. Aastha Kalra (Graphologist) and Dr. Ranjeet Kr Singh (CEO SIFS India) were the speakers for the workshop. The speakers are adroit and renowned experts in their respective fields.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Ranjeet Kr Singh, CEO SIFS India who addressed the participants emphasising on the importance of these kind of beneficial workshops.

The sessions were started soon after the inauguration. Dr. Ranjeet Singh took the beginning session in which he introduced the participants to the personality analysis through an activity. He dictated a story to the participants and asked them to write. This was their handwriting sample given subconsciously without knowing that it could be analysed to know their own personality. Further, he carried out an activity of analysing personality through picture drawn by the participants. The session was joyous and thus participants enjoyed and learned lots.

A total of 51 participants from various national universities such as Amity University, NIMS University, Bundelkhand University, Galgotias University, SHUATS Allahabad, Kurukshetra University, Banaras Hindu University, Maharshi Dayanand University; few from international universities including Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, UK & University of Manchester, UK participated in the workshop. Colleges from all over India including National PG College, Arya Vidyapeeth College, St. John’s Academy Delhi, Institute of Forensic Science Nagpur, Institute of Forensic Science Mumbai, National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science also participated. Other than universities and colleges, several organizations such as Fidelity International, IIRIS, IndusInd Bank. JD Insurance Services, Ciena Corporation, Kunskapsskolan India, Real Scan Biometrics also took part in the workshop.

Mr. Mahesh Sharma (Forensic Expert SIFS India), Mr. Durgesh Pandey (Forensic Expert SIFS India), Mr. Aakash Rawat (Forensic Expert SIFS India) and Mrs. Soji Thomas (St. John’s Academy, Delhi) were present as a guest as well as participant in the workshop.

In the next session, Mrs. Aastha Kalra gave an idea about graphology, how it is helpful in our daily organized and practical lifestyle. She also shared her experiences in order to make participants aware of the importance of the field.

The next session took by Mrs. Nidhi Gupta who gave an in-depth practical knowledge helping participants understand the subject even better.

In the next session Mr. Phaneendar B N spoke about trait stroke analysis wherein he explained the analysis part of the handwriting allowing participants to look deep into the subject matter.

The end session was of sample analysis and panel discussion. In this session the samples collected in the beginning were analysed and participants were asked to predict the personality traits of the writer. The participants were able to recognize the handwriting characteristics and predict the personality traits of the writer which is a big achievement for us as the motive was to make the participants able to analyse the handwriting and know the basic personality from the handwriting characteristics.

The feedback was taken from all the participants in a questionnaire form wherein they were asked several questions including opinion about the objective of the workshop, participation and interaction, relevancy of the topic to the workshop theme, quality of the material, time allocation of each topic, speaker’s knowledge on the topic, and overall workshop experience. With this they were also asked for the suggestions for improvement. As per the feedback analysis, participants were found satisfied with the workshop as it was totally hands on based and they were asked to take part in the activity based sessions which made them understand even better. Few participants also admitted that this workshop have proven more beneficial to them than many others they have attended before. Few suggestions were also given by the participants in order to improve certain things to achieve excellence in future events. Feedback review in the form of video was also recorded wherein the positive responses were received that has definitely motivated us to do even better in the coming events that we would be organizing in near future.

At the end of last session, the speakers were felicitated by Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh with a memento and a certificate as a token of appreciation. At the end, Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh who actively took part in managing and supervising the work from workshop planning till its successful execution was felicitated by Mr. Phaneendar B N.

The guests for the workshop Mrs. Soji Thomas, Mr. Mahesh Sharma, Mr. Durgesh Pandey and Mr. Aakash Kumar Rawat were felicitated by Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh with a memento and a certificate as a token of appreciation.

At the end, participants were awarded with the certificates and those who were active throughout all the sessions were valued with a token of appreciation.

The workshop program was ended with the vote of thanks and with the appreciation of all the speakers, guests and of course our valuable participants.

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