Identification of Bloodstains

Identification of Bloodstains

Identification of Bloodstains Quiz Crafted by – 

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Introduction to Identification of Bloodstains

Bloodstains are often found at various types of crime scenes, such as homicide, hit-and-run, assault, child abuse, rape, robbery, and burglary. In addition, forensic scientists are often called upon to examine clothing, weapons, vehicles, and other items of physical evidence to determine whether a victim’s or a suspect’s blood has been transferred to those items. In examining blood evidence, the questions which the forensic scientist must answer are: Is it blood? If it is blood, is it human? If it is human, what information towards individualization is possible?

So let’s find the answers to this quiz.

Ques 1. Test used to detect blood group in an old blood stain from clothes is?

a) Benzidine test

b) Hemin crystal test

c) Acid dilution test

d) Precipitin test

Answer - c) Acid dilution test

Ques 2. Which of the following methods is used for demonstration old washed up blood stains?

a) Luminol spray

b) Infrared photography

c) Ultraviolet light

d) Magnify lens

Answer -a) Luminol spray

Ques 3. Blood Sample for DNA finger printing are transported in:

a) Saline


c) NaF

d) Thymol

Answer - b) EDTA

Ques 4. One of the following test is used to determine the species of origin from bloodstain: 

(A) Acid Phosphate 

(B) Teichmann 

(C) Fluorescence 

(D) Immunoprecipitation 

Answer - d) Immunoprecipitation

Ques 5. Confirmation of menstrual blood stain is done by the following method:

a) Isoenzyme marker

b) Fibrin degradation product

c) Protein marker

d) Restriction enzymes

Answer -b) Fibrin degradation product

Ques 6. Assertion(A): Blood stains on cloth should be collected after drying in shade under room heater.

Reason(R): It causes disintegration of blood stains.

a) Both (A) and (R) are correct.

b) Both (A) and (R ) are incorrect.

c) (A) is correct but (R ) is incorrect

d) (A) is incorrect but (R ) is correct.

Answer - d) (A) is incorrect but (R ) is correct

Ques 7. The cherry red discoloration of blood is due to the presence of ?

a) Carboxy haemoglobin

b) Red haemoglobin

c) Cyanometh haemoglobin

d) Oxy haemoglobin

Answer -a) Carboxy haemoglobin

Ques 8. Blood group typing is a part of the following?

a) Forensic pathology

b) Forensic serelogy

c) Odontology

d) Criminal investigation

Answer - b)Forensic serelogy

Ques 9. The test to determine blood groups in a blood stain is?

a) Luminol spray

b) Haemin crystal test

c) Kastle-Mayer test

d) Lattes crust method

Answer - d)Lattes crust method

Ques 10. In case of CO poisoning which preservative is recommended for preservation of blood samples?

a) Sodium chloride

b) Sodium fluoride

c) Sodium carbonate

d) No preservative

Answer - b) Sodium Fluoride 

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