Medicolegal Significance of In...

Medicolegal Significance of Injuries

Medicolegal Significance of Injuries Quiz Crafted By-

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Introduction to Medicolegal Significance of Injuries 

Medical practitioners very frequently need to examine, treat victims and issue medicolegalreports in pursuit of their profession dealing with wounded persons. Law enforcing officers may send the wounded victims for routine treatment and necessarily for medicolegal reports of the cases. Occasionally the victims from their own selves request the attending medical practitioners to issue medical certificates and reports which will be needed to start a legal action against the accused persons. This is why the medical practitioners have to use their medical knowledge and skill regarding hurts or injuries, different causative weapons or means for making very useful medicolegal reports, and on a later date to act as competent expert witness in the courts of law

Let's look at the questions and their answer. 

Ques 1. In a case of hanging, ligature mark is an example of

a)  Contusion

b)  Burn

c)  Laceration

d)  Pressure abrasion

Answer- d) Pressure abrasion

Ques 2. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman? 

a)  Graze                                          

b)  Scratch

c)  Pressure                                                     

d)  Imprint

Answer- b) Scratch

Ques 3. According to which section, a person can be punished for attempt to murder with imprisonment for 10 years:

a)  Sec. 300 IPC                                        

b)  Sec. 302 IPC

c)  Sec. 307 IPC                                               

d)  Sec. 301 IPC

Answer –   c) Sec. 307 IPC

Ques 4. The direction of the wound can be ascertained from which of the following injuries:

a)  Contusion                                       

b)  Laceration

c)  Incised wound                                             

d)  Chop wound

Answer-   c) Incised wound

Ques 5.  Acceptable Or justifiable homicides are all, except:

a)  Preventing rape                                             

b)  Taking revenge

c)  Self defense                                                   

d)  Judicial execution

Answer-  b) Taking revenge

Ques 6.  An auto rickshaw ran over a child’s thigh, there is a mark of the tyre tracks, it is an example of

a)  Pressure abrasion                                             

b)  Graze abrasion

c)  Patterned bruise                                          

d)  Patterned abrasion

Answer-  d) Patterned abrasion

Ques 7. A 25-year old person developed right corneal opacity following injury to the eye. Corneoplasty of right eye was done and vision was restored. Medico-legally such injury is:

a)  Simple                                               

b)  Grievous

c)  Serious                                                  

d)  Dangerous

Answer-  b) Grievous

Ques 8. Shape of the wound may indicate the ________, which may have caused the injury. 

a)  Type of weapon                                               

b)  Force of penetration

c)  Age of the injury                                                  

d)  Positions of the assailant

Answer-  a) Type of weapon

Ques 9. Abrasions give an idea about the ________

a)  Nature of injury                                               

b)  Site of impact

c)  Direction of force                                          

d)  b and c both

Answer-  d) b and c both

Ques 10. Antemortem bruise is differentiated from postmortem bruise by:

a)  Yellow colour                             

b)  Gaping

c)  Well defined margin                                             

d)  Capillary rupture with extravasation of blood

Answer-  d) Capillary rupture with extravasation of blood

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