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Penology is a multi-disciplinary subject that aims for the study and evaluation of the application of penal laws onto the wrongdoers. It broadly explains the justification, characteristics, and effectiveness of punishment in its various forms. In other words, it is a systematic study of different facets of punishment and its impact on crimes, criminals, and society. 

Penology deals with care, custody, treatment, prevention, and control of crimes as also the various modes of sentencing and rehabilitation of criminals. Another major function of penology is to look after the criminal’s mind when he/she is in prison to avoid further crimes. The insecurities and reasons behind any crime are studied in detail by the psychologist.  For example, if someone has harmed a person to the level of death, he/she is assisted in such a manner that after being out of jail he/she does not repeat the same thing with anybody.

Let’s look at the questions and their answers:

Que 1. The Practice of Banishment in India was abolished in
a) 1935
b) 1947
c) 1955
d) 1965
Answer-c) 1955

Que 2.  The Founder of Modern Criminology is-
a) Cesare Lombroso                                   
b) Cesare Beccaria 
c) Enrico Ferri d. Jeremy Bentham
d) None of the above
 Answer- a) Cesare Lombroso

Que 3. Naz foundation is related to-
a) Property related crime                                         
b) Sexual Offenses
c) Economic Offenses 
d) All of the above
Answer- b) Sexual Offences

Que 4.  “BOT” IS-
a) Payment of Compensation to the victim.
b) Payment of Compensation to the victim family.
c) Money paid by Criminals to the police.
d) Money paid by Criminals to the victim.
Answer- a) Payment of compensation to the victim

Que 5. “Crime is a social injury” words given by-
a) Halsbury                                                     
b) Donald Taft
c) Blackstone                                                  
d) Kenny
Answer-b) Donald Taft

Que 6. Actus Reus is-
a) Intention                                                              
b) Guilty Mind
c) Harmful Impact                                                 
d) Punishment
Answer-a) Intention

Que 7. Victimless Crime is-
a) Criminal Conspiracy                                                  
b) Affray
c) Vagrancy                                                         
d) All of the above
Answer-c) Vagrancy

Que 8. The concept of “Mental Age” introduced by-
a) Robinson                                                       
b) Dr Caldwell
c) Alfred Binet                                                          
d) None of the above
Answer-c) Alfred Binet

Que 9. Borstal System applied for-
a) Punishment for young offenders
b) Training for young offenders
c) Punishment for old age offenders
d) Training for old age offenders
Answer-b) Training for young offenders

Que 10. “Nav JiwanShivir” concept associated with-
a) Rehabilitation for habitual criminals
b) Rehabilitation for normal criminals
c) Rehabilitation for psycho criminals 
d) Rehabilitation for woman criminals
Answer-a) Rehabilitation for habitual criminals

Que 11. “Not to avenge crime but to prevent it” associated with
a) Preventive Theory                                                    
b) Retributive Theory
c) Deterrent Theory                                                       
d) Reformative Theory
Answer-a) Preventive Theory

Que 12. An International Conference on “Urban Police” was held in-
a) France                                                      
b) UK
c) Rome                                                       
d) USA
Answer-c) Rome

Que 13. E-court Mission of Government of India approved in the year- 
a) 2005                                              
b) 2007
c) 2009                                         
d) 2001
Answer-b) 2007

Que 14. The Term “White Collar Crime” coined by-
a) Edwin C Hill                                          
b) Albert Maris
c) E.H Sutherland                                                   
d) Walter Reckless
Answer-c) E.H Sutherland

Que 15. In India, Coal Gate Scam belongs to-
a) Economic Crimes                                                      
b) Sexual Crimes
c) Cybercrimes                                                              
d) None of these.
Answer- a) Economic Crimes

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