Private Forensic Investigation

Private Forensic Investigation

Private Forensic Investigation Quiz Crafted by –

Saumya Solanki

Scientific Officer,

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi


Introduction to Private Forensic Investigation

Private Forensic investigations have become a very hot trend among the youth in recent times. An analytical skill with logical thinking and a sharp mind can bring an elevation in your financial conditions because of the progressively increasing cases of crime as fraudulent activities, missing persons, skip tracing, spouse infidelity, identity theft, and lots more. Therefore, Private Forensic Investigation provides a promising and happening career, irrespective of the fields as Science, Arts or Commerce. All required is an urge and commitment to work effortlessly, logically and without any time limits.

 Let's look at the questions and their answers

Ques 1. Report of Private Forensic Expert in India is valid under:

a) Section 45 IPC-1860

b) Section 45 Cr PC-1973

c) Section 45 IEA-1872

d)  Section 45 CPC-1908

Answer- c) Section 45 IEA-1872

Ques 2. In most of the cases, private forensic expert is accessed by:

a) Prosecution

b) Defendant

c)Jury member

d)  Investigating officer

Answer- b) Defendant

Ques 3. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report 2009 recommends the accreditation of:

a) Govt. Forensic Science laboratory only

b) Private Forensic Science Laboratory only

c) Both Govt. and Private laboratories

d) NAS (2009) report is not related with forensic science Deception

Answer- c) Both Govt. and Private laboratories

Ques 4. India’s first private DNA forensic laboratory came into existence in:

a) 2011




Answer- b) 2013

Ques 5. Activities of private forensic laboratory is regulated by:



c) CFSLs

d)None of the above

Answer- d) None of the above

Ques 6. Law enforcement agencies may hire:

a)Govt. Forensic expert only

b)Private Forensic expert only

c)Both (A) and (B)

d) None of the above

Answer- c) Both (A) and (B)

Ques 7. Investigation is defined under:

a)Section 2 (f) CrPC 1973

b) Section 2 (g) CrPC 1973

c) Section 2 (h) CrPC 1973

d)Section 2 (i) CrPC 1973

Answer- c) Section 2 (h) CrPC 1973

Ques 8. The forensic practitioner’s sole obligation is to serve the aims of:

a) Justice

b) Their agency

c) The legal system

d)The prosecutor

Answer- a) Justice

Ques 9. Corroborative evidence refers to:

a)Evidence that supports other evidence

b)Evidence that refutes other evidence

c) Evidence that links an individual with particular location

d)Evidence that associates an individual to another individual

Answer- a) Evidence that supports other evidence

Ques 10. Tracer Database, used by law enforcement agencies and private investigators, is

a)Cloud Based Data Research Software

b)Object Orientated Investigative and Research Software

c)Network Database

d)NoSQL Database

Answer- a) Cloud Based Data Research Software

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