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Any document whose source of authenticity is uncertain is referred to as Questioned Document. Documents feature prominently in all manner of business and personal affairs. Almost any type of document may become disputed in an investigation or litigation. For example, a questioned document may be a sheet of paper bearing handwriting or mechanically produced text such as a ransom note, a forged cheque or a business contract or it may be some material not normally thought of as a 'Document'.

Forensic Document Experts define the word 'document' in a very broad sense as being any material bearing marks, signs or symbols indented to convey a message or meaning to someone. This encompasses traditional paper documents but also includes things like graffiti on a wall, stamp impression on meat products or covert markings hidden in a written letter, among other things.

Let’s look at the questions and their answers:

Que 1. Document is defined in which section of the Indian Evidence Act? 

a)  Section 1 

b)  Section 2 

c)  Section 3 

d)  Section 4 

Answer-c) Section 3

Que 2. Which individual feature may help to distinguish a particular copy machine? 

a)  Accidental marks on drum 

b)  Ink Composition 

c)  Model name and number 

d)  Toner formulations 

Answer-a) Accidental marks on drum

Que 3. Juxtaposed chart are meant for: 

a)  Examination of Indentation 

b)  Effective Presentation of Comparison process to the court 

c)  Examination of Forged Writing 

d)  Examination of Traced Forgery 

Answer-b) Effective Presentation Of Comparison process to the court

Que 4. Ink can be removed from the paper for TLC by: 

a)  Blade 

b)  Knife 

c)  Hypodermic Needle 

d)  Ethanol 

Answer-c) Hypodermic Needle

Que 5. Obliterations can be defined as: 

a)  Removing writing with mechanical means 

b)  Removing writing with chemical means 

c)  Covering the writing with coloured writing matter   

d)  Removing writing with hand erasure 

Answer-c) Covering the writing with coloured writing matter

Que 6. Inkjet printer prints an image by: 

a)  One dot at a time to from a character 

b)  Spray-painting a character 

c)  Striking an inked ribbon 

d)  Dropping ink onto the paper 

Answer-b) Spray-painting a character

Que 7. Transitory defects are in type script of: 

a)  Permanent Nature 

b)  Temporary Nature 

c)  Additive Nature 

d)  All of the above 

Answer-b) Temporary Nature

Que 8. Which of the following is known as Holographic will? 

a)  A will written by the signatory himself 

b)  A will written by someone else than signatory 

c)  A will neither written not signed by same person   

d)  All of the above 

Answer-a) A will written by the signatory himself

Que 9. Writing Material made from skin of animals primarily of sheep, calves or goats is: 

a)  Parchment 

b)  Vellum 

c)  Papyrus 

d)  Paper 

Answer-a) Parchment

Que 10. A fraudulent signature which made without any attempt of stimulation or imitation: 

a)  Simulation 

b)  Spurious forgery 

c)  Unguided Forgery 

d)  Signatory Forgery 

Answer-b) Spurious Forgery

Que 11.  Direct-process duplicator using either gelatin or spirit process for making copies: 

a)  Duplication 

b)  Photocopiers 

c)  Hectographs 

d)  Simulator 

Answer-c) Hectographs

Que 12. Small letter ‘m’, has: 

a)  2 Shoulder 

b)  3 Shoulder 

c)  1 Shoulder 

d)  4 Shoulder 

Answer-b) 3 shoulder

Que 13. The art of bad writing is known as: 

a)  Bad Writing 

b)  Calligraphy 

c)  Graphology 

d)  Cacography 

Answer-d) Cacography

Que 14. What should you not do at the time of handling and preservation of documents? 

a)  Keep the document unfolded 

b)  Keep in the dry place 

c)  Keep away from excessive heat 

d)  Mark the disputed document with numbers 

Answer-d) Mark the disputed document with numbers

Que 15. Any document notarized by notary public or competent public official with solemnities required by law is: 

a)  Questioned Document 

b)  Standard Document 

c)  Public Document 

d)  Official Document 

Answer-c) Public Document

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