Talk with Chandra Mohan Srivas...

Talk with Chandra Mohan Srivastava

Forensic Serology and Biology Quiz Crafted by -

Chandra Mohan Srivastava 

SSA at Department of Serology and Biology 

Forensic Science Laboratory, 

Varanasi, UP 


Introduction to Forensic Serology  & Forensic Biology 

Forensic serology is the detection, identification, classification, and study of various bodily fluids such as bloodsemensalivaurinebreast milkvomitfecal matter and perspiration, and their relationship to a crime scene. A forensic serologist may also be involved in DNA analysis and bloodstain pattern analysis. Serology testing begins with presumptive tests which gives the analyst an indication that a specific bodily fluid may be present, but cannot completely confirm its presence. Forensic serology is an important component of modern forensic science. The primary activity of forensic serologists is the identification of bodily fluids.

Forensic biology is the application of biology to associate a person, whether suspect or victim, to a location, an item, another person. It can be utilized to further investigations for both criminal and civil cases. Forensic biology is the application of biology to associate a person(s), whether suspect or victim, to a location, an item (or collection of items), another person (victim or suspect, respectively). It can be utilized to further investigations for both criminal and civil cases.

A Short Interview of the Quiz maker

I Priya Singh on the behalf of Sherlock Institute of Forensic Sciences has taken a short interview of Chandra Mohan Srivastava (SSA at Department of Serology and Biology  Forensic Science Laboratory, Varanasi, UP).

 Read it out his experiences and views in the field of  Forensic biology & serology and a short message for the young forensic aspirants.      


1. Forensic Serology & Biology are one of the major Branches of Forensic in India. How would you like to explain the scope of this subject in our country?

Scope of serology and biology is very much important in context to every civilian of our country.

Every citizen should be aware of the anatomy as well as blood serum so as to     co-relate with their daily routine as well as during mishapping occuring in family or neighbour.

Knowing about blood group and biological exhibit they or the other investigation official can perform properly packaging.

2. Would you like to share your experiences in making this quiz ?

 It was immense pleasure to create a quiz especially for the forensic students who could easily go through the methodology as well as concept behind each and every test performed in either of the sections.

3. I do understand from this short conversation that this subject is an emerging branch. So talking about the global perspective where do you see this subject in the next few years?

Well personally specking I would say biology and serology deals with all the biological exhibits collected from the crime scene but the specificity is limited to some extent especially in case of blood and semen.

Rather an applied DNA section makes the case more clear for coming on a proper conclusion if the exhibits are collected properly.

But in case of other biological exhibits as urine saliva anther etc. use of various chemical test as well as micrometry will give you proper results and good command on basics.

4. I really appreciate your time sir for giving us such insights into the subject and also for preparing such an engaging Quiz. What would be your message for the aspiring Forensic biology & serology students?

Well forensic is all about scientific approach. If you have it in you and found of exploring new things do join FSL as your carrier option.


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