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May it be a petty one like theft, or a major one like murder, crime has been an integral part of our society since time immemorial. Many scholars studying the criminal aspects of the societies gave their views, may it be as primal as Dante’s Inferno or Gottfredson and Hirschi’s A General Theory of Crime. The field which although might appear dark at a glance, doesn’t fail to attract a large number of scholars.

The scientific study of the causes of delinquency and crime has been historically guided by the theories. The theories rely on logic to explain why a person commits a crime and whether the criminal act is the result of a rational decision, internal predisposition or external aspects.

Let’s look at the questions and their answers:

Que 1. CPTED refers to …

a) Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

b) Crime Protection Through Environmental Design 

c) Crime Protection Towards Environmental Design 

d) None of the Above

Answer- a) Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Que 2. In which year did rational choice theory come?

a) 1970                                                        

b) 1980

c) 1965                                                       

 d) 1985

Answer- b) 1980

Que 3. Who gave rational choice theory?

a)  Cesare Lombroso                                   

b)  Cesare Beccaria 

c)  Montesquieu    

d)  Jeremy Bentham

Answer-b) Cesare Beccaria

Que 4.  Who gave routine activity theory? 

a) Cohen & Felson                                      

b) Jeremy Bentham

c) Robert E. Perk                                         

d) Enrico Ferry

Answer-a) Cohen & Felson

Que 5. Who gave Term Atavism? 

a) Marcus Felson                                         

b) Charles Goring 

c) A. E. Hooten                                             

d) Cesare Lombroso

Answer- d) Cesare Lombroso

Que 6. Who Wrote the Psychoanalytic Approach to Juvenile Delinquency (1947)? 

a) Sigmund Freud                                          

b) Kate Friedlander 

c) Ronald Akers                                              

d) Robert E. Perk 

Answer- b) Kate Friedlander

Que 7. Who is pioneer Psychologist of psychoanalysis and psychological theory, theorized the Oedipus complex and the Electra complex, coined the terms id, superego, ego, sex drive, and libido? 

a) Cesare Beccaria                                           

b) Sigmund Freud 

c) Sutherland                                                    

d) J. Thomson 

Answer- b) Sigmund Freud

Que 8. Who Developed an integrated theory, wrote Explaining Delinquency and Drug Use (1985)? 

a) Robert L Burgess                                                 

b) Albert Bandura 

c) Edwin Sutherland                                                

d) Delbert Elliot

Answer- d) Delbert Elliot

Que 9. Who Proposed the containment theory of delinquency and crime? 

a) David Matza                                                          

b) J Albert Reiss 

c) Walter Reckless                                                    

d) Ivan F. Nye

Answer- c) Walter Reckless

Que 10. Who developed the perspective of delinquent subculture? 

a) Emile Durkheim                                                  

b) Ernest Burgess

c) Henry DMcKay                                                    

d) Albert K Cohen 

Answer- d) Albert K Cohen

Que 11. Who French sociologist, wrote Suicide (1893)? 

a) Emile Durkheim                                                    

b) Ernest Burgess 

c) Robert Agnew                                                       

d) None of the Above 

Answer- a) Emile Durkheim

Que 12. Who European theorist, wrote The Communist Manifesto (1848)? 

a) Richard Quinney                                                   

b) Karl Marx 

c) Otto Kirchheimer                                                 

d) None 

Answer-b) Karl Marx

Que 13. Who Wrote the Social Reality of Crime (1970)? 

a) Willem Bonger                                              

b) Edwin Sutherland 

c) Richard Quinney                                           

d) Bentham 

Answer- c) Richard Quinney 

Que 14. Who Proposed the social network theory? 

a) Richard Quinney                                          

b) Marvin D Crohn 

c) John H Laub                                                   

d) All of the Above

Answer-b) Marvin D Crohn

Que 15. Who Proposed an interactional theory of delinquency? 

a) Howard B Kaplan                                         

b) Mark Colvin 

c) Both a & b                                                      

d) Terence P Thornberry

Answer- d) Terence P Thornberry

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