Vehicular Crime Scene Investig...

Vehicular Crime Scene Investigation

Vehicular Crime Scene Investigation Quiz Crafted by –

Lakshay Kalra

Scientific Officer,

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

Let’s have a look on answers of the quiz questions along with their explanation.

Ques 1. After an accident over the roadside, the vehicle is shifted to a safe place by the suspect. The place where the vehicle is shifted is known as

a)Primary Crime Scene

b)Actual Crime Scene

c)Secondary Crime Scene

d)Manipulated Crime Scene

Answer- c) Secondary Crime Scene

Ques 2. To determine the cause of fire in a burnt vehicle, which of the following exhibits should be collected

a)Burnt Debris                                         

b)Remaining Wires

c)Rust from Metallic Body                       

d)All of the Above

Answer- d) All of the Above

Ques 3. Which of the following cannot help in determination of the class of secondary vehicle involved in the accident during accidental reconstruction?

a)Condition of Brakes

b)Position of Dents

c)Color of Paint Scuff                       

d)Size of Scratch Marks

Answer- a) Condition of Brakes

Ques 4. In the case of fire loss of a vehicle, which of the following suggest towards the loss to be intentional?

a)Origin of Fire from Rear Side                                                     

b)Non-uniform Burning Patches

c)Beads on the Wires

d)Extra-fitted Accessories

Answer- b) Non-uniform Burning Patches

Ques 5. In order to determine the driver implant, which of the following plays a vital role?

a)Examination of Blood Spots

b)Injuries to the Occupants

c)Sitting Position of the Occupants              

d)All of the Above

Answer- d) All of the Above

Ques 6. Which of the following technique is most accurate in determination of ignitable compounds in the fire debris?

a)Thin Layer Chromatography               

b)UV-Vis Spectroscopy

c)Gas Chromatography

d)Stereozoom  Microscopy

Answer- c) Gas Chromatography

Ques 7. In which of the following condition/s, there are least chances of fire ignition due to short circuit?

a)A running vehicle

b)A vehicle not used since an year

c)A parked vehicle

d)Both (b) and (c)

Answer-b) A vehicle not used since an year

Ques 8. Which chemical is used to swab the blood samples from a vehicle in case of an accident?





Answer- c) Saline

Ques 9. Visiting the actual spot of incident is mandatory in which of the following?

a)Accidental Reconstruction

b)Arson in vehicle

c)Fire in vehicle

d)Blood Examination in Accident                         

Answer- a) Accidental Reconstruction

Ques 10. Which of the following step is not very important and can be skipped during vehicular crime scene investigation?



c)Exhibit Collection

d)None of the above

Answer- d) None of the above

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