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By Akhil B. Paripalli... 16th September, 2021

Digital Forensics - Answers

Digital Forensics Quiz crafted by -Deep Shankar YadavPrincipal Consultant  eSec Forte Tech...

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By Aastha Verma 2nd September, 2021

Forensic Speaker Identification - A...

Forensic Speaker Identification Quiz crafted by-Dr. Poonam SinghScientific Officer, Assistant C...

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By Shivani Chauhan 3rd November, 2020

Cyber Forensic - Answers

Cyber Forensic Quiz Crafted by - Mr. Vinay Singh Junior Forensic Assistant Chemical Examiner Forensi...

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By Shivani Chauhan 15th October, 2020

Voice Analysis - Answers

Voice Analysis Quiz Crafted by -  Dr. Mukesh Sharma Assistant Director (Physics)  State Fo...

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By Dr. Janita Jasuja 14th July, 2020

Multimedia Forensics - Answers

Multimedia Forensics Quiz Crafted by- Dr. Surbhi Mathur Senior Assistant ProfessorInstitut...

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