11 October

AFOHR 2nd Bienninal Symposium (Online)

Challenges in Human Identification

Online Zoom

AFOHR 2nd Bienninal Symposium (Online)

Challenges in Human Identification (Hybrid Mode)

Welcome to the 2nd Biennial Symposium of the Association of Forensic Odontology for Human Rights (AFOHR) in 2023, organized in collaboration with the Section of Legal Medicine, Department of Public Health, and Pediatric Sciences of the University of Turin, Italy, and a satellite event organized by the Italian Academy of Legal and Forensic Dentistry (OL-F).

We are honored to welcome you to the University of Turin, which was founded in 1404 by a Papal Bull issued by Pope Benedict XIII. We are one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious Italian universities, hosting over 79,000 students and 120 premises in different areas of Turin and the Piedmont region. Turin is a "city within a city," promoting culture and producing research and innovation, training, and employment. Emerging trends and practices in forensic odontology have successfully spread across the globe for humanitarian forensic odontology, bringing together researchers, academics, and learners to serve nations. AFOHR, which promotes humanitarian forensic odontology and forensics, has been working tirelessly since 2015 to prevent human rights violations, joining hands with other experts in forensics from over thirty different countries. This second symposium, like the previous one, is a remarkable forum for knowledge, inviting scientists, academics, researchers, and learners under one roof to share and encourage new technologies and trends with the purpose of improving the human identification process and respecting the human rights of the deceased.


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