16 April

Lecture on

Behavioural Aspects Analysis in Forensic Science

University of Philippines, Manila

Behavioural Aspects Analysis in Forensic Science

There is a common misconception that forensic and behavioural science are two separate disciplines. However, there's a growing recognition that there should be a stronger integration of the two disciplines. Investigative issues, particularly those that arise at the crime scene, may be resolved with the use of psychological theories on human behaviour incorporated with forensic science. Discover how human behaviour is complex in the field of forensic science by attending the interesting lecture on behavioural aspects analysis. Discover how psychology and criminal investigation interact in complex ways as we examine the underlying reasons, trends, and aberrations that influence behaviour dynamics in forensic investigation. The session will provide essential insights into understanding the workings of criminal minds, profiling offenders, and interpreting behavioural signs. It will give insight on navigating the behavioural complexities that is inherent in forensic investigations. Come along on a voyage where science and intuition collide to reveal the intriguing subtleties of people's actions as they seek justice.


April 2024 University of Philippines, Manila



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