IAFO 19th National Conference Workshop

3D Forensics: Digital Documentation to Analysis

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IAFO 19th National Conference Workshop

3D Forensics: Digital Documentation to Analysis

3D scanning and 3D printing technologies have proven to be a boon and revolutionized Indian society in recent years. 3D technology is slowly gaining popularity in the fields of forensics due to its capability to provide information in all three axes (x, y and z) when compared to 2D photographs. 3D technology is actively being used in the fields of forensic medicine, anthropology, ballistic and odontology. The noninvasive nature of the technology can prove to be of great advantage in forensics. The major advantage of the 3D model is that it allows better visualization, interpreta on, preservation and understanding of the evidence. 3D technology also covers the humanitarian approach as the evidence is reconstructed without touching the evidence, thereby not damaging the actual evidence. The workshop aims to provide the participants with basic knowledge of 3D technology. The workshop shall focus on the concepts of different 3D scanning techniques, image processing, 3D printing, and applications of 3D technology in forensics.


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The conference presented accurate and concise information with a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It explored the nitty-gritty of digital analysis.


Usman Jafar Abubakar

Directorate of Medical Services, the Presidency Abuja