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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology

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Introduction to Forensic Psychology


June 2021 Online Platform



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It was an excellent lecture. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hoping to attend more sessions of this kind. Got to learn so much.


Guddelugula Abhinay

Forensic Science, Medicaps University

Amazing lecture. It was very helpful for me, full of information and the expert answered all the questions in an understandable way. Thank you IASR.


Shivani Sharma

GD Goenka University

It was a wonderful and very informative session. I like the way speaker addressed all the questions. It was very helpful and worth-attending.


Shruti Nair


Got to learn a lot from this interesting subject. Looking forward to participate in such informative sessions in near future.


Manisha Maitrayee Mahanta

Jain (Deemed-to-be) University

Lecture was very useful and we have learnt many useful methods thank for this helpful webinar. Thank you organizers for arranging knowledge based lectures for us.


Lakavath Akhilmai

Medicaps University

The lecture was good. I have learned so much about Forensic Psychology. Thank you team for updating our knowledge in different fields of forensics. 


Sayeli Das

Centurion University of Technology and Management

It is good experience from the expert. The expert presented her knowledge of the subject very well. I learned a lot and enjoyed it throughout. 


Amrutham Abhinav

Garden City University

I enjoyed this informative lecture and looking further to attend more expert talks. Thank you, SIFS and the expert for bringing such events.


Manthan Patel

Gujarat University

The session was very good. Expert was well versed with the topic and she explained it interestingly. Thank you so much SIFS team.


Aditya Pawar


The session was very helpful. It was very interesting and I love forensic psychology and Krupa mam delivered lecture so nicely. Thanks a lot to Krupa mam and Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science.



Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science

I learnt many unknown facts about forensic psychology and got to know future scopes. Overall, it was a great experience attending this lecture. Thanks to the team for their efforts.


Aditi Chakraborty

Amity University, Noida

The session given was so interesting and knowledgeable that it kept me engaged throughout. I learned a lot and wish to enhance my knowledge by attending more sessions of such kind.


Drishya Sunil

Amity University, Noida

The session was very informative. I gained so much new on forensic psychology. Thanks to the team of organizers as well as the expert.


Mrunali Suresh Bundele


It was really interesting secession. I enjoyed entire session. Expert delivered her talk so nicely that the facts got registered in my mind. Thank you SIFS.


Shivani Kumari

Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences

Very Informative and useful session for forensic and psychology students. Get to know about various scope and instruments used in forensic psychology and many others things which were not known to me about this field.


Sakshi Manishi

Amity University, Noida

The class was really helpful for me. Glad to know more about forensic psychology and its scopes. Hoping to attend more informative sessions of this types.


Kezia Joseph

Amity University, Gurugram

Fantastic session. We got an overall view of forensic psychology. Speaker cleared out everything and doubts too. It was very interesting.


Aditi Jain

Amity University, Haryana

The webinar was really knowledge gaining. I enjoyed whole session and it was quite engaging. Thanks for arranging these webinars for us.


Nandini Agrawal

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science

It was a great lecture and I easily understood everything. Please provide lectures of similar kind so that we can learn while staying at home.


Fairy Gandhi

National Forensic Science University

Class is very informative and interesting thank you sifs for this class. I enjoyed it a lot.


Akshita Sharma

Vivekananda Global University

Interesting topic explained in more interesting way. Thanks organizers for enriching our knowledge in this way.


Muskan Khan

Jain University

The session literally went well. I really felt I got a lot out of the session and I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much for this session.


Sanketa Naik

Jain (deemed to be university) Bangalore, Karnataka

It is very great opportunity for me to attend this session and hear from Krupa mam. It is very knowledgeable.


Chanchal Jaiswal

Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture Technology and Sciences

It was very interesting lecture. I learned so much new on this topic and feel lucky that I attended this lecture.


Simran Pethani

DY Patil School of Dentistry

It was really an amazing session. Speaker engaged us throughout by providing interesting facts about the topic. I enjoyed it and learned so much out of it.


Vanshika Sharma

Galgotias University

Session was really informative. Thank you SIFS. I would like to watch more sessions related to forensics in future.


Urvashi Badola

Amity Institute of Forensic Science

The lecture was full of information about forensic psychology. I am fascinated with this subject now. Thank you team for letting us enhance our knowledge during this time.


Preeti Ansari

Govt. Holkar Science College

Thanks for proving such helpful lectures for us. Looking forward to attend many more.


Prerna Sharma

Forensic Science

Session was very knowledgeable about forensic psychology. I learned many new facts and thankful to organizing team for creating such sessions for us.


Rutuja Dayanand Nijai

Bangalore University

This expert talk of forensic psychology is amazing. I had some doubts on the scope of forensic psychology and now my doubts are clear.  This lecture is useful for us.


Dileep Bandari

Medi Caps University

I had a great time attending this lecture on beautiful topic. It was immensely informative lecture . Thank you SIFS for conducting such lectures.




Whether the attendee is a forensic student or not, the lecture was explained in an understandable manner bearing basics of forensic psychology that too in detail. I enjoyed it throughout.


Silki Setia


Ms. Krupa Nishar ma'am had explained the psychological topics in the most effective way with suitable language that everyone can understand it. Looking forward for more expert talks like today. Thank you.


Megha Yadav

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya

Lecture was very useful nd we have learnt many useful methods thank for this helpful webinar.


Lakavath Akhilmai

Medicaps University

It was nice webinar. It was very useful for us as it contained lot of information. Hoping to attend more sessions like this in future.


Himaben Patel

National Forensic Sciences University

I had a great time attending this excellent lecture. All the credit goes to the expert for increasing our knowledge about the topic as well as to organizers for bringing such events for us.


Guddelugula Abhinay

Medicaps University

Thank you so much for arranging this webinar for us sir. It is very helpful. I am overwhelmed that I got to know more about forensic psychology. Thank you again☺️


Debasmita Ghanty

Centurion University of Technology and Management

It was worth attending and it helped to know more about Narco Analysis. I am eagerly looking forward to attend such events.


Sanjita Panigrahi

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science

Great webinar!! I learned several facts about BEOS & Narco analysis. Thank you SIFS team for creating these informative sessions.


Ritoza Das

Jain University

Enlightening session! Got to learn new psychological stuff. Thank you expert and SIFS.


R. Suramya

Jain University

It was a very interesting session which made me understood the term deception and different techniques like polygraph, BEOS etc. She also provided us an example of a case. It was very useful. Thank you SIFS for arranging this.


Aswani C. Rajeev

Government Law College, Thrissur

One of the most informative lectures, content was relevant and well presented. Thank you for organizing and special thanks to the great speaker.


Monika Chauhan

Amity University, Noida

It is really fascinating and knowledgeable. I enjoyed it a lot throughout the session. Looking forward to attend more such events.


Simran Rana

Lovely Professional University, Phagwara

It was quite interesting and very understandable. It contained fascinating facts. Thoroughly enjoyed the lecture.


Pratima Singh

Centurian University

Thank you team for organizing this knowledgeable lecture for us. I learned a lot from it.  Expert was well versed with the topic and explained it an interesting manner.


Dnyaneshwar Navanath Tanpure


The session was very helpful, it actually gave some knowledge about psychology.


Trisha Dey

Centurion University of Technology and Management

This session is great and i learned a lot from it. Thank you SIFS for arranging such valuable and enlightening sessions for us.


Deepanshu Singh

Galgotias University

This was a very informative session on Forensic Psychology and I got to know more about its scope and the ways through which forensic psychology helps in criminal investigations.


Maneesha Sreekumar

Amity University, Gurugram

The session was really informative and knowledgeable. Hoping to attend many more like this.


Krutika Nandkumar Patil

Bangalore University

Tha class on forensic psychology was excellent. It helped in having understanding forensic psychology better and its scope. Hoping to participate in many more events like this.


Abdul Noor

Government Law College, Thrissur

Very interesting session. The speaker could deliver the concepts clearly and was very very sweet :)



Galgotias University

Wealth of information and relevant facts were imparted in this lecture. Overall, it feels great to attend this session. It was excellent.


Manya Jain

Galgotias University

The session was good. I enjoyed it completely. Got to know so much from the expert on this topic. Thank you very much.


Swadhin Dibyajyoti Samal

Centurion University of Technology and Management ,Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Brilliant session, very intriguing, extremely informative, all queries were attended to. Hope to attend more of such sessions.


Aakanksha Srivastava

Sage University

It was very informative and explained very well that I understood it very clearly. Thank you SIFS  and expert for this session.


Akash Jacob Shaji

Amity Institute of Forensic Science, Noida

Excellent session explained brilliantly. Thank you so much for organizing such information rich session.


Himanshu Saurabh

Galgotias University

Class was good. Thank you Krupa Ma'am for this lecture. It was worth watching.


Jackson Johnson

Galgotias University

It was a nice lecture. All the information given by the expert were extremely fascinating and understandable.


Jeslin Jacob

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science

Thank you team Sifs for arranging an informative session. I really had a great time in attending this lecture. It was very interesting.


Rashi Rahul Kulkarni

IFSC, Nagpur

Well interesting session today and useful. I liked how expert explained BEOS and deception topics. Thanks for organizing such lectures.


Ismail Hussein Mohamed


It was a wonderful session especially the parts of Lie detections and everything was well explained!


Gaurav Shivaji Nikam

Government Institute Of Forensic Science, Nagpur

Wonderful and very useful topic. Thank you so much SIFS team and ma'am too.


Advocate Akula Sai Sudha

Independent Lawyer

So far I'm contended with everything, keep up the good work :)



Amity University Noida Uttar Pradesh

It was very informative lecture, I gained new information about the topic. Thanks organizers for providing knowledge based lectures.


Bussa Madhuri

Amity University, Haryana

It was really an informative session. I really enjoyed it. Hoping to attend many more in future.


Shruti Tyagi

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science

Informative sessions are being conducted. Learning many new things. So happy to be part of the forensic events. Thanks to Krupa mam and organizing team.


M. Judie Evangelin

RBVRR Women's College

It gave a broader knowledge about all the techniques that I have learnt during my college. It was worth-attending.


Chubi Niji

Amity University

It was a wonderful and very informative session thank you so much for bringing such enlightening sessions for us.👍🙏


Naresh N.


I like this webinar and I got so many knowledge about psychology in crime investigation. All the credit goes to the team of SIFS for providing sessions of these kinds.


Shinoj Varkey

Amity University, Gurugram

The seminar on Forensic Psychology today was superb. I love you all.


Nosakhare Joseph Imariable

University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

It was a very interactive and informative session. I got to learn many new things and it was also very interesting. Kudos to the organizers and special thanks to Krupa Ma'am.


Sourodeep Ghosh

Amity University, Noida

This session made us aware about so many relevant and fascinating facts on forensic psychology. Appreciate the efforts put by expert and SIFS.


Chekuru Vani Soujanya

Pendekanti Law College

Thank you SIFS for organising such a wonderful lecture. It was really an informative session. Looking forward to attend many more in near future.


Bhavyashree Guttula

Government Institute of Forensic Science, Nagpur

I have found the session very informative and interesting. Looking forward to more such wonderful sessions. 


Dadi Geetha Supriya

Government Institute of Forensic Science, Nagpur

The lecture was amazing. Well-explained by the speaker. All the facts got registered in my mind because the talk was delivered in simple and easy language. Thanks a lot.


Yogita Khandate

IFSC, Nagpur

It was really good and beneficial for our further education. Glad to attend this. Thanks to the organizing team for making this happen.


Animesh Parhi

Amity University

Very useful information. Presenter was very knowledgeable and offered valuable information regarding forensic psychology.



Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences, Noida

The session was really interesting and enlightening. Thanks for enhancing our knowledge by arranging such sessions for us.


Kasula Rahitya

Garden City University

It was an amazing session, Krupa maam have explained about forensic psychology very well and it was really interesting to listen. have covered the queries from the participant side with patience and the session was beneficial in the future as a forensic science student. Thank you Krupa maam and SIFS team.


Amina M. S.

Amity Institute of Forensic, Noida

It was a good session with discussion on some live cases. Thanks SIFS for putting efforts in bringing such events for us.


Aastha Mahna

Amity Institute of Forensic Science, Noida

The lecture conducted in an organized manner, expert was well versed with the topic, explained relevant information in detail and understandable manner. Overall, it wasa  great experience.


Anushka Sharma


A very good session on forensic psychology. gained new knowledge. I would like to attend more knowledgeable sessions of such kind.


Dr. Dhimi Nongmeikapam

JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research

It was a very much informative session. Hope to have such more wonderful sessions again.


Trishika Sarkar


It was an informative session. Hoping to be a part of more events!


Ann Mary Abraham

Jain University

It is very interesting session. I feel honored after being a part of such knowledgeable session. A warm thank you from my side to Sherlock family.



Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science

The lecture was very informative and useful. I will look forward to attending more training sessions soon.


Advika Sah


Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.


Rugma M U


Today's session was amazing. I got to learn more new perspective in the field of Forensic Psychology. I am looking forward to attend more wonderful session like this. Thank you SIFS team for arranging this session.


Aachal Ashok Kirnapure

Govt. Institute of Forensic science, Nagpur

The lecture was very informative and helpful. Expert shared her views very nicely that it kept me engaged throughout.


Ishu Tomar

Amity University, Noida Uttar Pradesh

I enjoyed entire lecture as the topic was interesting and speaker delivered the lecture in understanding language.


Dr. Archana Vedantam

Sultan Ul Uloom College of Law

Excellent... Such a informative session on psychology and provided insights about the subject.


Sakshi Singh

Banaras Hindi University

Interesting topic that was well delivered. Looking forward to upcoming events.


Zadia-Kay Smith

Jamaica Constabulary Force