12 April

Seminar in

Questioned Document Analysis

Laguna State Polytech University

Questioned Document Analysis

Questioned Document Analysis is a riveting combination of creativity and scientific rigor, offering a lens through which riddles are revealed and truths are illuminated. It is a forensic field that examines documents to verify their legitimacy, authorship, modifications, or other information relevant to legal or investigative procedures. Handwriting analysis, likely the most well-known method, examines individual writing features such as stroke patterns, letter forms, and line quality in order to determine authorship or detect forgeries. Similarly, ink analysis uses chemical and spectral analysis to establish the composition and age of ink, which helps date documents and identify modifications. Other procedures include paper analysis, which evaluates the physical qualities and chemical constituents of paper, and typewritten document analysis, that examines typewritten text for anomalies and irregularities. This seminar will teach scientific principles and procedures that might help you to analyze and present forensic findings more persuasively. 


April 2024 Laguna State Polytech University



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