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Quiz 83 : Forensic Ballistics

Quiz 83 : Forensic Ballistics

Forensic Quiz

The term ballistics refers to the science of study of the action, motion and behaviour of a projectile during its flight in any given medium. The flight path of a bullet includes: 

•Travel down the barrel (Internal Ballistics),

•Path through the air (External Ballistics), and 

•Path through a target (Terminal Ballistics)

Forensic Ballistics is that branch of forensic science which deals with the examination of the firearm and related evidences encountered at the scene of crime in a shooting incident, and their linkage to the firearm, and Identification of the shooter.

A ballistic expert need to answer the following questions:

1.Type of The Firearms used

2.Identification of the Firearm

3.Individual Characteristics of Firearm

4.Range of Firing

5.Direction of Firing

6.Identification of the Shooter

7.Medico legal aspects: - Suicide/Homicide/Accident


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It's a very nice experience to have such type of quiz. The quiz creator had put wonderful efforts into crafting this quiz. Thank you for all your efforts and dedication. Looking for many more such quizzes in the future.


Payal Dhanwani

Gmers gotri

I have gained entirely new and exciting knowledge about forensic ballistics from this quiz. Questions were quite tricky and challenging. I have enjoyed attempting this one. Thank you.


Diksha Panjabrao Bhilange


The quiz are challenging and informative. Waiting for more such interesting quizes.


Itumeleng Seloba

South African Police Services

Thanks you so much, am delighted to show my interest in your future endeavors and wish you all the best.


Adamu Abubakar Muhammad

Federal University of Kashere Gombe State Nigeria

Such an interesting and entertaining quiz it was. I was amazed by the framing of questions in this quiz. they were a mix of easy, moderate and tough questing. Thank you for this opportunity.


Sunil Kumar


Excellent & tough and well thought over questions asked.


Soumya Ghosh

Garden high

Wonderful, I am glad to participate quiz. I hope with your help my knowledge will grow fast with a new thing. Thank you for given chance for quiz and your certificate .


Dr Vijay Pal Khanagwal

Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College, Karnal, Haryana

Great opportunity to participate in this quiz. It was refreshing and entertaining for my knowledge hunt. Thank you.


Prerna Katoch

Delhi University

The quiz was much knowledgeable for me. Questions were good.


Kumari Kantika


I'm very appreciative of your usual training through Forensic Quiz. Thank you for such excellent work and enthusiasm. Keep providing more.


Augustin Hakorimana