03 July

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Fingerprint as Forensic Evidence

Quiz 87 : Fingerprint as Forensic Evidence

Forensic Quiz

Fingerprints have been the gold standard for personal identification in the forensic community for more than one hundred years. Fingerprints are commonly used tools to understand the individuality of a person so as to reveal his or her identity. Usually, no crime can be committed without the aid and assistance of the hands, the prime body part of the person. Fingerprints are of permanent nature and they remain the same throughout the life of an individual.

Fingerprints are of Universal Nature which means all individuals carry this medium of identification. A criminal uses his hands in committing any crime and hence leaves marks on the scene of occurrence or on any object, which comes in contact with his hands while committing the crime. Hence, there are chances of occurrence of fingerprints in all crimes, and these impressions work as evidence for the identification of the person involved in any crime.


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I am very proud of SIFS and the quality of education and training offered.


Wendell Ballantyne

Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Knowledgeable quiz. Loved to take participate in every quiz on the forensic event's website. Thank you so much as it always improves my knowledge.


Priyanka Thakur


The quiz was amazing and very educative. I hope i will be invited to participate in upcoming quiz, webinars and workshops. Thank you soo much you are excellent.


Yakubu Magaji Yuguda

Federal Polytechnic, Kaltungo, Gombe State

I am so happy to be connected with a great institute and l will recommend my friends to the institute. Secondly, the quiz was an opportunity to prove my knowledge.


Ernest RNEST Eberechukwu Nze


The quiz being shared by SIFS India from time to time are none of the best things to do in my routine to gain more knowledge and some time to update the previous knowledge too. Thank you SIFS.


Payal Dhanwani

Payal Dhanwani

Excellent quiz and I must appreciate the efforts of SIFS India for their work in the field of Forensic Science. Keep it up.


Dr Vijay Pal Khanagwal

Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College, Karnal