16 July

Two-Day Seminar on Collaboration between

Forensics Science and Criminal Justice System

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Collaboration between Forensic Science and Criminal Justice System in Criminal Investigation

Forensic science is an amalgamation of science and law, strengthening the criminal justice system and increasing its applicability to serve nations better. The essence of forensics lies in the collaborative and synchronised efforts of experts, police officials and advocates. Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India and PsyFi Solutions invite you to listen to this two-day seminar on Collaboration between Forensics Science and Criminal Justice System in Criminal Investigation. The seminar focuses on the essential integration of Forensic Science into the Criminal Justice System in the present era and the need for trained Forensic Science Experts for Crime Mapping.  The seminar would also address discussion on scientific and full-proof applications/ techniques used for the collection of Evidence. 


July 2022 Online Platform


Who’s Speaking

Meet our eminent speakers who are indeed an immense source of extreme knowledge!


Dr. Ranjeet Kr Singh



Dr. Shubhra Sanyal

Sewa Kuthir, New Delhi


Dr. Rakesh Gorea

Gian Sagar Medical College and Hospital, Punjab


Prof. (Dr.) Mukesh Yadav

President, Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine


Dr. G. K. Goswamy, IPS

IGP & Chief of ATS, UP


Dr. Beulah Shekhar

Chair Professor


Phaneendar B N

Forensic Expert


Keshav Kumar, Ex-IPS

Retired Director Anti Corruption Bureau


Dr. Asha Srivastava

Director, CFSL CBI New Delhi


Prof. (Dr.) Abha Singh

Director, IILM Center for Emotional Intelligence


Mr. K. V. Ravi Kumar

Pro-Vice Chancellor


Dr. Akhil Chaudhary IPS

AIG Personnel II


Dr. S. K. Shukla

Former Director


Dr. Ruchi Sinha

Associate Professor


Dr. P S Bhushan

Retd. Senior Faculty

Event Schedule

Here you can go through the detailed schedule of the event

The speaker will discuss the Applications of Forensic Science Techniques needed for Investigation of Crime.

The speaker will discuss why the coordination between the Police and the Forensic Science is essential at Crime Scene.

The speaker will talk about the constraints experienced in receiving supports from the Forensic Scientists.

The speaker will share the difficulties faced by the Forensic Scientists at the scene of crime.

The speaker will discuss the significance of forensic criminology in forensics and its role in delivering justice. 

The speaker will discuss the Legal interpretation of the Forensic Reports in the conviction of the accused.

The speaker will talk about the applicability of Narco – Analysis and its importance in the court of Law.

The speaker will talk about the Truth Serum and its implications in the criminal justice system.

The speaker will discuss the significance of the Post Mortem Report for the conviction of the accused.

The speaker will discuss about the Profiling of the Criminal Behaviour.

The speaker will discuss the signature of the pattern of Crime.


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Very informative sessions... Thanks for the speakers and organisers.


Dr. Shetti Srinivas


It was a very informative session.This session helped me understand the importance of forensic evidence and how much of its potential is still left unutilized.I also got to know about the importance of behavioral forensic science.Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this session.


Angella Banerjee

Deshbandhu College

It was a wonderful seminar which will ultimately help the stakeholders of both Criminal Justice System and Forensic Science to come together and find a solution to get timely justice and find the role and importance of forensic science in delivering justice to the victims.


Dhruv Shyam Vimal

DSV Services

Yes, I do agree that all officers involved in the administration of Justice nees to trained / re-learn the advancement in the scientific knowledge. Very valuable informative sessions. Thanking you all resource speakers and organizing team.


Professor Dr. Sitalal Rathod

SLIMS Pondicherry, Puducherry State

It was very fruitful day for me today very knowledgeable and insightful sessions of my learning journey. All The speakers are from core individuals field of forensic and psychology they are renowned in the industry. I was connected since 11 am till 6:10 pm continuously listening and learning.. Thanks you Dr. Ranjeet


Md Arshad Alam

SSCBS, Delhi