20 September

FORENSICS : The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People

Science Behind Death

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FORENSICS : The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People

Science Behind Death

FORENSICS : The Science behind the Deaths of Famous People, book by Harry A. Milman is an analysis and description of how Judicial Officers determines the cause and manner of death. It involves an investigation of twenty - three deaths of famous people including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Natalie Wood, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Carrie Fisher, which was conducted based on a review of publicly available autopsies and toxicological reports, as well as from scientifically published articles. Drugs use was the main reason for 70% of the deaths. Also, Four celebrities died because of Suicide or Homicide while Four others were from natural causes.


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Who’s Speaking

Meet our eminent speakers who are indeed an immense source of extreme knowledge!


Dr. Harry A. Milman

Consulting Pharmacologist, Toxicologist


Our organizing body is a team of creative & proficient figures who actively & enthusiastically put their splendid efforts in organizing clued-up events


Dr. Ranjeet Kr Singh

Managing Director


Afreen Tarannum

Senior Scientific Officer


Kratika Mishra

Senior Scientific Officer


Arti Varshney

Junior Scientific Officer


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Very informative session and knowledgeable with lots of new information. Thank you so much for this wonderful session. 



B. N. C. E. T.

Everything was organized really well.  The speaker was so good at explaining the details of every case. 



Indonesian Association of Forensic Medicine

The session was good and was easy to understand. I have enjoyed every bit of this session. Thank you so much!!


Prashansa Tripathi

National Forensic Sciences University

Such an interesting lecture. It was so informative and heart-touching session.  I have enjoyed it really well.


Sneha K

Dr. N. G. P. Arts and Science College

The session was loaded with immense knowledge and information about the mysteries behind the death of very famous people. 


Diksha Mehra


Very exciting and worth attending the session. I have really enjoyed every passing minute of this expert talk. Thanks to the SIFS managing team for organizing this wonderful talk.


Anthony John A. Jimenez

Holy Angel University

It was an enriching session. It was so good to witness such an event. All credits to SIFS teamwork. Kudos to this successful event.


Sreshtha Sen

Heritage Business School

This expert talk was such a worthful session on this extremely interesting topic. Great and humble appreciation to Dr. Ranjeet Singh and his all team for their wonderful efforts.


Dr Georgina George

BMCRI, Banglore

I feel really pleased to be a part of the event. It has increased my liking for the subject and has cleared my thoughts of case solving studies that were issues I usually faced when I would listen about forensics. This had really made my mind clear on how to study and solve cases. Thank you.


Noor Ul Ain

Centre of Biotechnology and Microbiology, University of Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan

It was the best session for me was on the toxicological analysis behind the death of famous people like Michal Jackson and many more.


Chandana Deka

Chandigarh University

This talk has increased my urge to buy the book "Forensics: The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People" Thank you so much for this wonderful session.


Pillai Keerthani

Nilai University

It's a great experience for me. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful session. Would be looking for more session like this. 


Jatin Singh Thakur

Guru Ghasidas Central University

It was a wonderful session and quite informative. For me, this session has made my day. It was so interesting to learn and know such a mysterious thing about the death of famous people.


Pilo Lincy sneha L

Sms college of arts and science

This session was knowledgeable and understanding. Big thanks to the team SIFS for organizing such a great event. 


Balram Verma

B N College of Engineering And Technology, Lucknow

Thank you very much for the very informative lecture. Looking forward to more of this. God bless!


Colian Jana Joyce C.

Holy Angel University

It's neseserry information for all forensic medicine experts. Great session.



Tashkent Medical Academy

I love how the lecturer proceeds with the discussion. I can clearly see that he is really knowledgeable about the topic.


Danica Pauline Dimaano

Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas

Good and informative session. I have enjoyed really well. Thank you!!


Ambarapu Raja Kumari

Institute of Sciences

This expert talk was really helpful for me. Thank you so much for this exciting session. Looking for many more. 


Sushant Nilkantrao Hajare


It was a great and informative session. I have gained so much information through this session. Thank you much.


Sneha Ann Thomas

Karunya Institute Of Technology And Science

Glad to participate in the session. Thank you very much SIFS and the key speaker Mr. Hary Milman sir, the moderator of the event Ms. Astha Warma mam, and the entire team of SIFS.


Prapti Babulal Khandekar

Shri Shivaji Science Collage

Today's webinar is innovative, informative and so beautiful. We are really enjoying it a lot. Keep it up.


S Singh Advocate

Supreme Court of India, Delhi

It was so nice and useful to us. Please bring more sessions on similar issues.


Appala Indivar Yuvaraj

SRM University, Amaravati

The event was very informative. I got to learn so many new things from this event.


Anushka Mukherjee

Lovely Professional University

The session is amazing and I'm waiting for more sessions. please try to arrange the session on cyber forensics as well.


Vaibhav Prabhakar Madavi

People's Collage of Forensic Science and Cyber Security

Amazing session on such an interesting topic. I have got to know many things which were completely unknown to me earlier.


Sube Singh Saini

Vivekananda Global University

Good and informative presentation, but with some ppt with figures would make it more interesting.


Suman Kr Chakrabarty

State Forensic Science Laboratory

The topic is interesting however it is much more clearer for us if the speaker has a visual presentation of his topic. but the overall session was just wonderful 


Arvin M. Vidal

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

I really liked it. It was much interesting and awesome on the science behind the death of famous people.


Susmetha S

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science

Splendid session and huge immanence shared by the speaker. It was worthful to watch.


Jeetendra Kabeer Panthi

Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University Sagar M.P

This session was an extremely interesting session with a lot of information and reveling mysteries behind the death of famous people.


Appala Indivar Yuvaraj

SRM University, Amaravati

Dear sir, this session was very usefull and informative. Inspiring to learn more about toxicology. Thanks.


B. Siva Subramanian


A wonderful experience and a handy session to understand the mysteries behind the death of famous people.


Anish Baura

School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya

Wonderful Lecture on the topic which is so interesting to know about how the famous people have died suddenly.


Sarah Al Hinnawi

HBT Medical College

It is a good session and it was more than I have expected. The speaker shared a detailed analysis/explanation about the death of famous people. I just loved it,


Dr Sagarika Rupainwar


While listening to this talk if one feels that the dead is itself explaining his own experience then it's not a surprising thing because the speaker is so good at explaining everything in a heart-touching way.


Dr Sagarika Rupainwar


It was such an excellent session. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to take part in this enlightening session.


Inbhasahari M.

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dear SIFS, Your contribution here was immeasurable. Also, hearing this expert talk and sharing the imminence from the speaker who is a great forensic professional and the author of the book "Forensics: The Science Behind the Death of Famous People" was really a worthful experience. I just loved this session.


Vidu Bala VG

Kumaraguru college of liberal arts and science

This expert talk was not only entertaining, but also had a lot of take-home value, and was well presented. It was also interesting to hear an author of the book to discuss his own experience on the topic. Great Thanks to the whole organizing team for this wonderful session.


Kashish deshwal

Galgotias university

Today's webinar was really so beautiful, innovative, and informative. We really enjoyed it a lot. Keep it up


S Singh Advocate

Supreme Court of India 'Delhi India'

It was an awesome session and a very informative talk. I have enjoyed it really well. Thanks to the team SIFS.



RIMT university, Punjab

Excellent webinar on this important topic. I have got to know few things which were so new for me and I would never be known if I haven't attended this session. So thank you so much.



The National University of Malaysia

It wad a really interesting and quite informative session. Thanks a lot for this golden opportunity.


Vanisha Godara

Vivekananda Global University

Excellent session. I would feel extreme happiness if I could get the contact no. of the speaker for further communication about the cases he has been shared in the talk. and thanks to the all organizing team of SIFS for this wonderful session.


Dr. Chaitanya Mittal

AIIMS Jodhpur

It was very interesting to listen to each and every case explained with the great eminence of the speaker. Thank you so much for this insightful session.


DR Monika Khatri

Hitkarni Dental College and Hospital

Such a great session. And it was really very interesting to know the unrevealed mysterious thing about the death of these famous people. 


Aditi kashyap

B.N College of Engineering and Technology

Excellent and exciting session. I just loved every bit of the session and enjoyed it really well.


Dr Kumuda Rao


Great speaker and wonderful session. Congratulations to the organizers for the great success of this event.


MA. Theresa B. Lanaca


Let me appreciate all efforts put in by the entire team to successfully complete this session. We are very thankful to all of you for the entire support extended during this talk.  


Made Ayu Mira Wiryaningsih

University of Indonesia

Very informative lecture. Thank you for organizing the team & Dr. Harry Miller such a wonderful session.


Dr. Sonali Ganesh Kadam

Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai

this expert talk was so informative and interesting. The speaker has elaborated everything in a really exciting and easy-to-understand way. 


DR. Avinash Janardan Pujari

MIMER Medical College, Pune

Informative webinar. such a worth attending session and worth listening talk. Big thanks to the organizers and Dr. Ranjeet Singh for this amazing event.


Emanuel C Manahan

Holy Angel University

It was an informative session and well explained by the author and the speaker of the session. I would love to buy your book to know more about the mysteries behind the death of famous people. Great thanks and humbled appreciation to the whole organizing team of SIFS.



State FSL Jaipur

Awesome presentation sir. This session was really worthful for me. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


Dr. Gaayathri. M

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Ernakulam Kerala India

Awesome learning with Harry sir about the toxicological profiling of famous dead personalities. Thank you so much for this extremely exciting session.


Vidu Bala VG

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science

Awesome, nice, and very informative session. Much obliged to the great efforts by team SIFS.


Saurabh Prajapati

Lovely Professional University

Knowledgeable session and really worth watching. I would love to see the recording of this session again for the things that have been missed by me during the session.


Krishnanand Tripathi

Vivekananda Global University

It was a really good and excellent session. I would be excitedly waiting for the upcoming session of SIFS. Thank you.


G Pradeep Kumar

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University

This session was very beneficial for me and has improved my understanding in a far better way. Thanks a lot to the team SIFS.


Lekshmi Das

Annai Fathima College of Arts and Science

I have heard many speakers in different parts of the world Harry A. Milman talk about Science behind the death of famous people is, without doubt, one of the best I have ever heard. Thank you so much.


Marwa m fawzi


Great presentation which was very informative. Would really listen to this presentation again.


Zadia-Kay Smith

Jamaica Constabulary Force

What can I say? Harry A. Milman was fantastic. He was an absolute delight to have as speaker of the session. my great thanks and appreciation are always for SIFS for bringing such great talk every time. 


Karan Sahu

SVVV University

Good and informative session. this session has detailed everything in a  much explicit way. that anyone can feel the story behind. Congratulation to SIFS for the success of this session.


Ambarapu Raja Kumari

Institute of Sciences

Best speaker and the best session on this very interesting topic.  Thank you so much for organizing this session.


Eduard M. Dimalanta

Holy Angel University

It was a very knowledgeable session. Thank you for this wonderful session.


Dr Anusha Rebecca R

Saveetha Medical College & Hospital, Chennai

Another successful event! Information was well imparted to us audience. Looking forward to more events.


Jhianne Alexis Lucencia

Lyceum of The Philippines University

A very nice event like all the events updated by the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science. This organization has become the best choice for me to learn anything in forensics.


Dipika Ashok Jambhulkar

Shri Shivraj Science College, Amravati

Excellent session by Harry A. Milman sir on such an exciting and interesting topic. I have learned so much from this session.


Sudhanshu Milind Dakre

Shri Shivraj Science College, Amravati

Very nicely organized a session with loads of information.  Thank you.


Yugrani Kusare

Shri Shivraj Science College, Amravati

Though-provoking session on a really interesting topic. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.


Nida Kawasar Jamir Saiyyad

Shri Shivraj Science College, Amravati

Great topic and good presentation. The session was loaded with many scientific aspects of death. I had an overall good experience with this session.


Dr Prabhat Kumar


Very impressive and informative session.


Asp Isah Samuel

Nigeria Police Force

Very good webinar on this extremely interesting and thought-provoking issue.


Dr. Megha Mary George

SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Dharwad

Excellent and well-organized session on this exciting topic. This session was so helpful for me to know the things which were so important to know for a better understanding of toxicological analysis of dead people.


Dr. Surender Kumar Pal

Directorate of Forensics Services, Himachal Pradesh

The session was very informative and hope for more sessions on different issues. Thank you so much for this excellent session.


Dr Karthik Jana

Manovikas Rehabilitation Services

Awesome webinar with a great forensic professional. It was just too good to learn from the words shared by Harry A. Milman sir


Muhammad Rasyid Sidik

Airlangga University

Nice and excellent recap for me on this virtual platform. Thanks a lot to SIFS, and Dr. Ranjeet Singh


Balaji N DR

Stanley Medical College Chennai

Excellent and nicely done with the expert talk on such a very interesting topic.


Kumuda Rao

A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences

The webinar was conducted efficiently. The speaker clearly explained everything and it was very interesting webinar.


Prashansa Tripathi

National Forensic Sciences University

Excellent presentation & lot of insight provided by the speaker


Prashanth Kumar H P

Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Really I learned a lot and get more ideas from this interesting event, Nothing to say but thanks for your time and knowledge sharing, I appeal to you that wherever you organize similar of this please let me know to join and invite others to benefit. Thanks again and remain blessed, my regards to all, if there is any available assistance to be with you in India for further research am happy to get it please.


Adamu Abubakar Muhammad

Federal University of Kashere Gombe State Nigeria

the knowledge of the speaker is so imminent on the subject matter. this session was just awesome. Great Thanks to the Team SIFS.


Appala Indivar Yuvaraj

SRM AP University

Interesting session and really really appreciating the efforts of team SIFS. All the sessions are used to be so good. Thank you.


Samiksha Das

National Forensic Sciences University

The session was informative, well organized, and insightful. To successfully conduct talks during tough time is commendable. Hope to see more talks in future also. Thank you!


Kshema Manu


Knowledgeable and worth watching session. I'm so happy to take part in this session.


Anamika Banjare

Guru Ghasidas University, Chhattisgarh

Very informative session and the speaker was so knowledgeable in explaining his things very clearly. I have enjoyed every bit of this session.


Dr. Jaswinder Singh


Very nice event. Usually, all the sessions conducted by SIFS are used to be so good so I'm not pretty much surprised that this session was so damaging. Kudos to the organizing team.


Tenanjay Kumar

Guru Ghasidas Central University Bilaspur

It was such a wonderful, innovative and informative webinar and we really enjoyed a lot in it. Thank you very much for conducting such a beautiful event. With regards


S Singg Advocate

Supreme Court of India 'Delhi India'

Excellent presentation. Expecting to have more seminars and access good knowledge from SIFS events. Thank you.


Janarthanan R

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital Pondicherry, India

this session was so good and very useful to deeply understand the case histories of those famous personalities who died from drugs and toxicological abuse. Thanks a lot for the session.


Palak Chaubey

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya

the words are less to explain the joy and happiness of attending the wonderful session. Thanks a lot for this opportunity.



Kasturba Medical College,Mangalore,

It's was a good learning experience with this session. Learned a lot. Thank you so much


Dr Mandeep Sachdeva

PGIMER Chandigarh, India