23 March

Expert Talk on Modern Techniques in

Facial Identification Update

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Modern Techniques in Facial Identification – Update

Facial identification remains a valuable tool for investigators and those in the security industry. In this webinar, Michael W. Streed will introduce attendees to the latest technologies in facial identification. Michael is the President/CEO of SketchCop® Solutions, Inc., a global facial imaging technology and training provider based in the USA.

Michael is also a law enforcement professional with over 40 years of experience as a police sergeant and forensic facial imaging expert. He has helped develop, sell, and train these products and understands how to leverage their use during investigations. During his presentation, the expert will introduce attendees to the latest technology in the field of developing digital facial composites, better known as police or composite sketches, image matching technology, including face facial recognition, tattoos, and the identification of deceased persons. The expert will also introduce attendees to an AI-assisted craniofacial identification using skull/face overlay techniques.

As technology advances, artistic skills will be supplemented or replaced by those with computer and analytical skills. This will help the discipline migrate towards the development of facial imaging technicians and be less dependent on forensic artists. At the webinar's conclusion, law enforcement attendees will better understand the value of facial identification tools and how to use them during their investigations. Students and scientists will learn about a forensic science discipline that will expand their skills, making them more valuable in the job market or to their current employer.


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Michael W. Streed

Forensic Facial Imaging Expert


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