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By Mohit Butta 1st October, 2022

Psychology in Forensics

Psychology in Forensics Quiz Crafted by –Mohit ButtaScientific OfficerSherlock Institute of Forens...

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By Mohit Butta 22nd August, 2021

Deviancy in Children

Expert Profile Dr. Shubhra Sanyal is currently working as a Counsellor at OHBII, Sewa Kuthir, N...

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By Taniya Jaiswal 31st December, 2020

Talk with Mebin Wilson Thomas

 Forensic Neuro-Psychology Crafted byMebin Wilson ThomasAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Forens...

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By Falak Khan 9th November, 2020

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology Quiz Crafted by -Mr. Mahesh TripathiAssistant Professor School of Forensic Scien...

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By Ayushi Dwivedi 5th September, 2020

Impact of Abuse on Mental Health & ...

Child psychology and development are very different and fragile as compared to adults. This blog is ...

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By Taniya Jaiswal 25th August, 2020

Forensic NeuroPsychology

 Here is the List of Questions with Answers along with explanationQue 1. After meeting with an ...

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By Vanshika 15th August, 2020

How to Detect Lies

Expert ProfileMr. Steven is a former twenty-one-year career police officer and undercover SVU detect...

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By Vanshika 21st June, 2020

Why They Kill - Deductive Profiling

The session was exclusively based on detailing the psychological and criminal theories and criminal ...

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