17 October

Cyber Awareness Talk

Cyber Attacks during COVID-19 and Preventions

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Cyber Attacks during COVID-19 and Preventions

Cyber Awareness Talk

The COVID-19 pandemic was a significant, unprecedented event that has altered billions of lives globally causing what comes to be commonly known as the new normal in terms of social norms and the way we live and work. Apart from the unexpected sway on humanity and business as a whole, the pandemic caused a set of unique circumstances related to cyber-crime which has also affected society and business. The augmented fretfulness caused by the pandemic intensified the chance in the number and range of cyber-attacks.

This session is focused on spreading awareness on how Cybercrime has been exponentially increased during the COVID-19 and highlights the range of cyber-attacks experienced globally during the pandemic along with that our speaker would deliver certain tips and suggestions for the possible and important measures which can be taken to avoid yourselves from being the victim of cyber-attacks in future


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Shifa Cyclewala



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Cyber Attacks During COVID-19 and Prevention

Cyber Attacks During COVID-19 and Prevention


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