14 November

Cyber Awareness Talk

Don't Trust Your Eyes; They can Deceive You

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Don't Trust Your Eyes; They can Deceive You

Cyber Awareness Talk

Social media has deeply influenced our lives. As one facet, social media has reduced the distance between people around the globe. However, misinformation and disinformation circulated through social media have also shown their adverse side.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a sharp rise in crime related to social media. In this talk, an overview of misleading visual information, such as, and its impact on society will be discussed. Moreover, many awareness tips will be shared as well.


November 2021 Online Platform


Cyber Awareness Talk


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Dr. Rajesh Kumar

GIFS, Aurangabad


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Dr. Ranjeet Kr Singh

Managing Director


Ruchika Dwivedi

Forensic Expert


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