07 January


Importance on Effective Communication

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Workshop on Communication Skills

Effective Communication

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science in collaboration with Dr. Shubhra Sanyal, brings to you a workshop on developing effective communication skills. If you are a manager who would like to communicate better with your staff and be a better leader, if you are someone who is afraid of communicating to your colleagues or your employer, or if you are a counsellor looking to enhance your communication skills, this workshop is for you. This workshop is specifically designed to break down the elements of communication and deliver it to the learners in a clear and concise manner so that they may learn the art of effective communication and create a better, healthier atmosphere at their workplace. 


January 2022 Online Platform


Who’s Speaking

Meet our eminent speakers who are indeed an immense source of extreme knowledge!


Dr. Shubhra Sanyal

Sewa Kuthir, New Delhi


Mr. K.C. Ghosh

Thames Valley University of U K


Dr. Ameeta Parsuram

University of Delhi


Phaneendar B N

Forensic Expert


Prof. (Dr.) Abha Singh

Director, IILM Center for Emotional Intelligence


T Rajah Balaji IPS

Central Bureau of Investigation


Ms. Rashi Juneja

Mind Ease Pvt Ltd


Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari

CFSL, CBI, New Delhi


Our organizing body is a team of creative & proficient figures who actively & enthusiastically put their splendid efforts in organizing clued-up events


Dr. Ranjeet Kr Singh

Managing Director


Afreen Tarannum

Senior Scientific Officer


Arti Varshney

Scientific Officer

Event Schedule

Here you can go through the detailed schedule of the event

The speaker will give introduction about the workshop and will clarify about what will occur in next three days.

The speaker will explain what communication is and will break down the components of the communication process.

The speaker will explain what it means to be a leader and how to improve the work environment by efficiently leading your team.

The speaker will talk about the different styles of communication used by people and how communication occurs in the world of media.

The speaker will talk about the relationship between positive emotion and communication, & the personality correlates of communication styles and skills.

The speaker will talk about the dynamics of communication in context of Teacher-Student relationship and how communication can be made effective between a teacher and a student.

The speaker will talk about how to apply communication skills in the field of Forensics and how it can be related to the techniques of interrogation used.

The speaker will talk about the things to keep in mind while a counsellor is interacting with their patients to make the sessions more effective.

The meeting would be open to all participants so that they can discuss what they have learnt throughout the course of the workshop, and exchange their perspectives and ideas.


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Program Visual

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Dynamics of Communication

Dynamics of Communication

Be a leader; not a Boss

Be a leader; not a Boss

Communication - Styles and Media

Communication - Styles and Media

Positive Emotion, Personality & Communication Skills

Positive Emotion, Personality & Communication Skills

Application of Communication in Teacher-Student Relationship

Application of Communication in Teacher-Student Relationship

Do’s & Don’ts for Effective Counselling

Do’s & Don’ts for Effective Counselling


Write Your Feedback

It’s always a pleasure to pay attention on what our learners and participants says which always motivates us to work for a good cause & thereby reach the heights of excellence!

This virtual meeting was very enriching and enlightening, having sessions on communication skills. Thankyou to all speakers for their whole hearted effort in making us understand the subjects. Thank you.


Birendra Singh Rathour

University of Madras

Informative session. Excellent job is done by SIFS. Wish to have an individual session with Shubhra madam.


Yogini Balu Mohite

BCT Law College New Panvel

Good platform for learning especially related to forensic science and communication skills enhancement too.



University of Lahore Pakistan

First off all Congratulations and thanks to the organizers and one to all for successfully organizing the great event. It's very informative, excellent, wonderful, learnable each session. Thanking you all once again. With warm regards.


Dr. Mukesh Kumar Chaurasia

Department of Criminology & Forensic Science, Dr Hari Singh Gour Central University Sagar

Am very happy to be a member of this platform. Learned a lot from such great and eminent speakers. Thank you so much for this exciting workshop.


Hakorimana Augustin